Setup Video

  • How to Set Up Your Tapo MagSlim LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum & Mop Tapo RV20 Mop

  • How to Install Mop Cloth Mount and Fill in Water Tank.

  • How to Empty the Dustbin.

  • .How to Clean the Filter.

  • How to Clean the Side Brushes.

  • .How to Clean the Main Brush.

  • How to Clean the Mop Cloth.

  • How to Clean LiDAR and Sensors.

  • How to Clean Charging Contacts.

  • How to Clean Main Wheels.

  • .How to Clean the Caster Wheel.


Tapo RV20 Mop(UN)_V1_1.1.1 Build 230807

Data publicării: 2023-08-25

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Optimize the performance in the narrow channel.
2. Enhance extrication capacity.
3. Fix the problem that the device can not recharge automatically in some cases.
4. Fix some minor bugs.

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