Archer TX20UH(EU)_V1_5001.15.129.0_Win10_Win11

Data publicării: 2023-03-31 Limba: Multi-language Dimensiune Fişier: 5.27 MB
Sistem de Operare: win10x86/x64,win11x64

Improvement and new features:
Improved compatibility with motherboards
Added advanced features

Archer TX20UH(US)_V1_5001.15.129.0_Win10_Win11

Data publicării: 2023-02-08 Limba: Multi-language Dimensiune Fişier: 5.33 MB
Sistem de Operare: win10x32x64&win11x64

Improvement and new features:
Optimized driver installation process
Added multi-language support

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