Tapo H100

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Tapo Smart IoT Hub with Chime

  • Whole-Home Coverage - Keep sub-devices connected at all times through the robust wireless network.
  • Low-Power Wireless Protocol - Make connected devices work energy-efficiently, promising longer standby time. 
  • Tapo Ecology - Connect with up to 64 smart devices (sensors, smart buttons, TRV) for an immersive smart home experience.
  • Smart Alarm - Coordinates with Tapo smart sensors to inform you of security issues or other problems.
  • Smart Doorbell - Works as your doorbell, with customized and adjustable ringtones.

Connect all Tapo Devices, for Smooth Data Flow.

Tapo Smart IoT Hub with Chime

Tapo H100

  • The Key Gateway Composing Tapo Ecology

    As the crucial IoT gateway, it increases network accessibility for smart devices (up to 64). It ensures energy-efficient operations, attributed to its low-power wireless protocol.

  • Instant Alarm

    When connected sensors detect any suspicious motions, H100 will send out an alarm rapidly within 90 dB for security concerns.

  • Smart Doorbell

    Despite being distant from the door, you can hear the ringtones whilst visitors press the smart button or other smart devices on the door.

Protocol 868/922MHz
Wireless Type 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Material UL94-V0 Flame Ratardant
Buttons Slience Button
Adapter Input 100-240V, AC, 50/60 Hz

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