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Start a Whole-New Home Experience with Tapo Smart Actions

By Bota

Start a Whole-New Home Experience with Tapo Smart Actions

Tapo, a smart-home brand symbolizing a ‘Smart, Easy, Secure’ lifestyle, is constantly crafting new products with innovative features. The extended product categories in the smart home field have caught the eye of many around the world. As early adopters of smart home devices purchase more devices, utilizing the core links between their devices becomes essential. They need to forge the incredible synergy that reconstructs their home experience, and that’s where Tapo Smart Actions come into play.   

Understanding how Smart Actions work is essential before considering how to make full use of them. Tapo Smart Actions allow users to use the links among all your Tapo devices to their full potential. A single tap, scheduling, or the status of another device could trigger one or more devices within the Tapo App. This process resembles customized chain reactions. Tapo’s users could create automated and intelligent life patterns by creating Smart Actions.

Smart Actions have many features, bringing great convenience for our Tapo users. The whole configuration process of more than one device is simplified, assisted by TP-Link Simple Setup. Users can create Smart Actions by setting up Shortcuts for quick control with just one tap on the App or permitting all the devices to operate automatically. For new users, there are in-App templates to experience a quick set-up procedure of Shortcuts.  

Consider the following example. The Smart Thermostat (E200) and Temperature & Humidity Monitor (T315) can work together in a Smart Action. The E200 can change the temperature based on the precise measurements and preset ranges programmed into the T315.

To build some advanced Smart Actions, Tapo strives to develop more categories by regularly updating the Tapo App. We are creating flexible methods to make up the portfolio of Smart Actions that generate an incredible and unique user experience. Let’s start tailoring your own easy, automatic, intelligent life patterns by creating your Smart Actions.


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