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Cut Down Your Electric Bills with Smart Plugs

By TP-Link Editorial Group

As the old saying goes: knowledge is power. When it comes to saving power, the more you know about your energy use, the better! That's why energy monitoring is so valuable.

Energy monitoring is a great way to test out what devices and appliances in your home are drawing more power while plugged in. Now you know what is drawing more power, you can make sensible decisions that will save you money on your electricity bill.


Have you ever wondered how to get an energy monitor, and how it works?

My top recommendation is smart plugs with energy monitoring. Smart plugs are some of the most affordable smart home accessories for controlling devices around your home, and they're straightforward to install. Smart plugs with energy monitoring can monitor your connected devices' real-time energy consumption and learn which ones use the most power.

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring (KP115) works reliably and has an app that's easy to use. A dedicated chip inside the KP115 measures voltage, current, and power. After successfully setting up the smart plug, you can view and track energy consumption in the Kasa app below.

Note: Current Power refers to the instantaneous power consumed by the appliances connected to the Kasa plug. The update frequency depends on how often the Kasa app gets the information from the Kasa plug, usually every few seconds.

The KP115 and its app give you the facts and figures you need to work out where you're using the most energy in your home. You can reduce unnecessary energy loss with their Schedule and Timer feature. By setting schedules to streamline the connected device's power usage, they ultimately help save money on your electric bill at the end of the month.

Are you dealing with rising energy costs for your home? The smart plug with energy monitoring is an excellent first step. 




TP-Link Editorial Group

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