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The Best Home Cameras Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home

By TP-Link Editorial Group

Do you get used to controlling home cameras by tapping on the apps? Hands-free Voice Control allows you to get faster access to your home cameras. Tapo home cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can use simple voice commands to play Tapo home cameras.


Note: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are not available in all languages and countries for Tapo home cameras.

Devices Required

Using Tapo home cameras with Amazon Alexa requires an Amazon Echo Show, an Echo Spot, or a Fire TV with an Amazon Firestick.

The Google Home connection to Tapo home cameras needs a Google Chromecast, a Google Home Hub, or any smart display that supports Chromecast.

Setup Guidance

There are two options for connecting the Tapo home cameras and voice assistants.

1. Open the app for Tapo home cameras. Go to Me > Third-Party Services, select the corresponding voice assistant, and follow the app guidance.


2. Open the Amazon Alexa or Google Home app to add your Tapo home cameras. Refer to the detailed instructions for Amazon Alexa and Google Home on the TP-Link website if needed.

Voice Commands

Voice commands are related to the names of your Tapo home cameras. “Camera Name” is user-defined in the Tapo app.



Amazon Alexa:

Stream the live feed on Amazon devices with the command Alexa show me the [Camera Name]. Stop the Tapo home camera live feed with the command Alexa hide the [Camera Name].

Google Home:

Say Hey Google, Hi Google, or Ok Google to activate Google Home. Then state your voice command as Show, Camera Name, and TV Name. For example, Hi Google, show Front Door Camera on Chromecast. If you say Hey Google, show My Front Door Camera, it will play the Tapo home camera on the Chromecast-enabled device.

NB: The Tapo home cameras do not currently support the “camera on/off” command to avoid potential security risks.

Live Feed Duration

Streaming the Tapo home camera live feed through Amazon Alexa or Google Home is a cloud-to-cloud service. The live feed stops automatically after 10 minutes as it is limited by internet traffic and performance. You can ask Alexa or Google Home to repeatedly show the Tapo home camera for continuous streaming.

Tapo home cameras are the best Amazon Alexa and Google Home-compatible home cameras. Tapo home cameras make life easier, more convenient, innovative, and secure.  

TP-Link Editorial Group

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