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Warranty & RMA Policy

Warranty & Replacement

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for purchasing TP-Link products. To protect your rights and interests, please read the following Warranty Policy carefully.

  1. Limited Warranty
  2. Warranty Period
  3. Replacement Procedure

Limited Warranty

TP-Link Corporation Limited provides a limited warranty on all eligible TP-Link products originally purchased in Hong Kong and Macau from an authorized retailer. The limited warranty covers failures due to defects in material or workmanship on the primary device, antenna, and external power supply. Packaging, software products and technical data are not covered under the limited warranty. The limited warranty does not extend to uninterrupted or error-free operations. Purchase receipt from an authorized retailer and a complete product serial number is required to receive any services guaranteed as part of the limited warranty. 

The limited warranty does not apply to refurbished products or products that were resold by unauthorized resellers. TP-Link Corporation Limited does not provide refunds under the limited warranty in any conditions. TP-Link will replace defective units with brand new unit. If a brand new unit is not available, then the defective unit will be replaced with refurbished product. If the defective unit is discontinued, end of life, or out of stock, TP-Link will replace it with product(s) of equivalent value or features. Product warranty periods do not renew with replacement units. The original purchase date and warranty period will apply to replacement products.

*Please note this warranty does not cover:

1) Products purchased not in Hong Kong/Macau or not through legal distribution channels of  TP-Link Corporation Limited will not be eligible for the in-warranty service;

2) The product has been disassembled or repaired by a technician who is not of the TP-Link Corporation Limited or who is not authorized by TP-Link Corporation Limited ;

3)Maintenance or tamper evident labels have been altered or damaged;

4) The product serial number does not match the product or the serial number is unclear and no other proof of purchase can be provided;

5)Damage that is not attributable to defects in the manufacture of product materials,such as:

  •  Natural disaster (Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Lightning strikes, etc.)  and Collisions in transit;​​​​​
  • Working environment conditions outside the product specifications (Including viruses, high/low temperatures, too humid or dry, electromagnetic or static interference, unstable power supply, liquid infiltration, corrosion, improper insertion, foreign matter falling in, insect infestation, etc.);
  • Factors that include, but are not limited to, failure caused by the foregoing unusual use, as well as stains, residual adhesives or surface scratches, extrusions and impacts after use, are excluded from this warranty;

6)If the equipment is damaged by a machine that occurs in the case of a non-original transformer, it is man-made damage and is not included in the warranty condition.

7)Damage to products caused by the use of unofficial software is also not covered by the warranty limited.

Warranty Period

All TP-Link products are entitled to a 3-year warranty with the exception of the following models which are entitled to a 1-year warranty: 

- Smart Bulb and light strip: Tapo L530E, Tapo L510E, KL50, KL130, L900-5, L920-5, etc.

- PowerBank: TL-PB10000, TL-PB20000

- Entertainment Devices: HA100

- Sub_G Series:Tapo H100, Tapo S200D, Tapo T110 and so on

- Sweeping robot: Tapo RV10, Tapo RV10 Lite, Tapo RV30 and the other RV serirs

- USB Port Hub: UE330, UH400, UH700 and UH720

- USB Converter:TL-PS110P, TL-PS110U, TL-PS310U, UE200, UE305, UE300 and UE300C

- Other USB devices: UC430, UC400, UB500, UE306, etc.

Note: The battery of the Mi-Fi product series is entitled to half-year warranty. Which include the following models:

- M7650

- M7450

- M7350

- M7200

- M7000

Replacement Procedure

Product Warranty

Customers are required to keep the purchase receipt (photocopy is acceptable) and present to us when requesting for product service. TP-LINK may reject the product if no valid receipt is presented.

Normal Replacement

If the product is found to be not well functioning

Firstly, Check the invoice or receipt for proof of the time of purchase to confirm whether it is still under warranty.

All TP-Link products that manufactured after the March in 2019 can be check about the relevant maintenance information with the SN code in the Warranty Checking System.

  1. Please call our technical support hotline +852 3614 0210 or offical live chat or email firstly to confirm that the product is no longer functioning properly. 
  2. Customers who meet the warranty conditions, please follow the instructions of the agent customer service telephone to send the product or personally deliver the product to the location (The shipping fee is borne by the user). The “product” needs to be complete, it must including the main body of the equipment, the antenna and the power supply (If the original contains an antenna or/and a power supply).
  3. The agent will test the product and confirm that the product complies with the warranty process.
  4. If it is a personal delivery, in the case that the product is still in stock, the agent will directly replace the spare product to the customer.
  5. If it is shipped, the agent will send the replacement product back to the user after the inspection is completed (Users are not required to bear the shipping fee).
  6. If the agent detects that the product can be used normally, it will be returned to the user in its original form (Users are not required to bear the freight).

If the problem cannot be solved remotely, please send the product to our distributor located at:

Felton Distribution Limited

Unit B,9/F Block B, Roxy Industrial Centre, 58-66 Tai Lin Pai Road,

Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Tel: (852)2273-8393


Monday – Friday: 10:00-17:30
Saturday: 10:00-12:30

Contact service (Monday-Friday)9:30-18:00

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday




Unit 2907-A, 29/F, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road,

Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852)3898-4900


Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 18:00

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays






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