TP-Link® Introduce Omada — A New Business Wi-Fi Solution

    SHENZHEN, China — Nov. 29, 2017 TP-Link®, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, introduced the Omada series, their latest business Wi-Fi solution. Capable of expanding centrally-managed business networks, the Omada series currently consists of access points (including ceiling-mounted, outdoor and wall-plate access points) managed via professional controller software. In the near future, TP-link plans to expand the Omada series with hardware controllers and more.


    Part of Omada products are powered by Broadcom enterprise-class chipsets, providing abundant processing power and a superior wireless experience. Their elegant, modern appearance mean Omada products can blend in seamlessly with most interior design styles.


    Advanced Centralized Management System

    The Omada solution offers centralized management with Omada controller software and cloud access, helping administrators to easily manage the whole network from a single location. The ability to control, adjust, and visualize the entire network from any connected PC makes centralized business Wi-Fi management more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

    A Diverse Range of Access Points

    The Omada solution currently includes 802.11n and 802.11ac software-managed access points. Specialized ceiling-mount, outdoor and wall-plate products mean there’s a suitable device for every application scenario.

    TP-link provides ceiling mount access points such as EAP320, EAP245 and EAP225. Each is easy to deploy and delivers enterprise-class performance, making them a great choice for indoor Wi-Fi coverage in dense client environments.

    EAP225-Outdoor is TP-Link’s leading outdoor access point, helping users to enjoy fast Wi-Fi in even more places. Part of the Omada series, these outdoor access points provide extraordinary Wi-Fi coverage in parks, stadiums and more.

    Wall-plate access points such as EAP225-Wall provide users with dedicated in-room Wi-Fi, guaranteeing fast, highly stable connections. They are the best choice for hotels, dormitories and other places where guests can benefit from their own private connection in larger-sized rooms.

    Omada Mesh for Effortless Wireless Network Expansion

    With an increased reliance on the internet, users want to be able to enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere they work and entertain. However, in most outdoor environments, such as in business parks, and in some large indoor spaces too, Wi-Fi connections are less than satisfactory. In such situations, TP-Link’s new Omada solution can make a big difference.

    Omada Wi-Fi products link together to form one seamless mesh network. The whole setup can be managed centrally via the wireless controller software. Besides, if a node in the network fails, any access point connected to it can automatically sense the fault, switching the link to another device to maintain the seamless coverage.

    The Omada Solution of the Future

    For now, Omada is made up of a range of access points suited for different environments and the controller software used to configure and manage them. TP-Link is currently developing the Omada hardware controller, capable of managing all access points via one piece of hardware. This would eliminate the need for a PC to constantly run the controller software, bringing greater convenience to the network administrator.


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