Introducing The New TP-Link®-TP-Link Unveils Completely New Look and Brand Identity


    Shenzhen, China and San Dimas, Calif. – Aug. 23, 2016 – TP-Link®, a global provider of reliable networking solutions, today unveiled a complete transformation of its brand, aligning itself with consumers’ connected lifestyles. Celebrating more than 20 years of leadership in the networking space, TP-Link has evolved beyond wireless technology, offering new products in the smart home, smart phone and smart accessory categories. With this evolution and corporate strategy in mind, TP-Link felt it was important to invigorate its brand with a fresh look.

    “Over the past 20 years, TP-Link’s R&D team has consistently evolved to meet the needs of our tens of millions of customers. Now, we’re embarking on a new journey to meet the needs of today’s connected lifestyles,” said Jeffrey Chao, chairman and president of TP-Link. “As our product portfolio continues to grow, it is time for our brand to follow suit. We’re excited to introduce the new TP-Link to the world in the coming months and we can’t wait to bring our customers more dynamic products and enhanced experiences.” 

    To align with this new corporate strategy, TP-Link is making a number of updates to its corporate identity and the visual representation of its brand. The company’s new tagline, “Reliably Smart,” follows the heritage of the former tagline, while emphasizing TP-Link’s move into smart products. The new company logo features an arrow pointing to the center, indicating the company’s commitment to a customer-centric culture that align with the needs of today’s modern customer.

    The company has also updated the logo design to all lowercase and the spelling of its name to TP-Link, instead of TP-LINK, bringing it in line with a simpler, more approachable persona. The company will also be releasing new product packaging that improves shopability and a refreshed website for enhanced product clarity. Finally, the new color palette of the brand has been updated to become energizing and inviting, synchronizing with the brand’s new tone.

    “Customers today are overwhelmed with a fast-paced, ever-changing technology landscape. They need greater performance to keep up, but are confused by increasing claims about features and functions,” said Brian Meyers, associate strategy director at FutureBrand. “We saw an opportunity to simplify in a way that would empower customer productivity and achievement. The new identity and packaging are meant to build on the reliability of TP-Link in a way that is smart, progressive and human. We believe this new look and feel will help TP-Link take the step from networking homes to connecting consumer lifestyles.”

    Starting today, brighter colors and bolder prints will appear on, social media channels, product packaging and in-store displays. The company’s latest products, like the Talon AD7200, are an outward expression of these changes, which will bring forward more innovative, compelling products that provide the highest standard of quality for its customers. The new brand will also be visually showcased for the first time at IFA (Hall 17, Booth 111) in Berlin, taking place on Sept. 2–7.

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