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What is Wi-Fi 6 Router?

By Danny Lee

If your internet is always laggy, the router you are using might be the culprit. That’s because an older router will struggle to support high-demand apps such as video conference call or video live streaming. This will result in a slow connection which affects your user-experience.

The good thing is, you can always purchase your own wireless router and use it with the Internet connection from your provider. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is the latest WiFi technology for faster WiFi speed and seamless connection in a modern household.


Here are the reasons why you should buy a WiFi 6 router:

Wi-Fi 6 Provides Faster Speed for All Devices

WiFi 6 uses 1024QAM technology to support even faster speed. This means everything will load faster when connected to the WiFi network. Videos will buffer smoothly and games will be lag-free when using a WiFi 6 router.

TP-Link WiFi 6 routers such as the Archer AX73 offers up to 4x performance improvement compared to a similar wireless router from the service provider. This will provide a faster download speed when running speedtest on all WiFi devices.


Wi-Fi 6 Provides Stronger Wi-Fi Signal Coverage

Poor Wi-Fi coverage at certain spot? Our new Wi-Fi 6 router come with really strong Wi-Fi signal powered by next-generation signal amplifier while adhering to strict laws from the Singapore Government.

A strong signal will result in a more stable connection especially on Singapore HDB housing with thicker load-bearing walls. This will provide a smooth and seamless WiFi experience for all your work, entertainment or gaming needs.


WiFi 6 Can Support More WiFi Devices

As we are living in an increasingly faster home with smart camera and smart accessories, this increased the demand of the wireless router. Using a newer WiFi 6 router will provide good stability for your smart home devices while ensuring good connectivity to all your other device.

The new OFDMA technology can allow more WiFi devices to be connected by ensure each WiFi devices are being allocated resource based on requirements. Our technology work behind the scene to provide the best signal without manual control required.


WiFi 6 Works with All Devices

WiFi 6 will benefit older wireless devices as well with built-in enhanced signal processing. Your older wireless router can enjoy faster WiFi speed along with a more stable wireless connection even when they are just WiFi 5 or older.


WiFi 6 Works with Singtel, StarHub, M1 and more

Our WiFi 6 routers can work with all ISPs in Singapore and they are really easy to setup. Simple remove your old router and connect it to our new WiFi 6 routers and you are good to go. The remaining setup process can be completed on the TP-Link app.


Danny Lee

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