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  • The Muse Accommodation

    TP-Link Builds Wall-to-Wall WiFi for Student Accommodation in Thailand

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  • RedesSemFio

    TP-Link Builds Full-Covered WiFi with Centralized Management for an Accommodation in Brazil

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  • Pruksa

    Pruska wanted to establish a comfortable and reliable surveillance system for its guests that supports existing security personnel

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  • White Dreams Resort

    TP-Link Brings Networking Renovation to White Dream Resort

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  • Rajah Hotel

    EAP225-Wall Providing Stable Wireless Signals Passing Through the Brick Walls of Rajah Hotel

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  • Arion Hotel

    TP-Link's suitable networking solution has improved the overall connection experience in Arion Hotel.

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  • Wyndham Hotel & Resorts

    TP-Link Provides Wyndham Hotel with Intelligent and Reliable Network Services

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  • Side Royal Paradise

    TP-Link Networking Solution Ensures an Always Connected Vacation in Side Royal Paradise

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  • Sailor's Beach Club

    TP-Link Delights Guests in Sailor's Beach Club with Reliable Networking Solution

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  • Dream World Palace

    Reliable and High-Speed WiFi Connectivity is at Your Service at the Dream World Palace

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  • Epic Hotel Group Greece

    TP-Link Wi-Fi Network Solution in 3 State-Of-The-Art Hotels of the Epic Hotel Group, Greece

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  • Wi-Fi in hotel complex

    “Izmailovo” hotel management use EAP and switches to equip the rooms and other premises with Internet access.

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  • Althea Village Greece

    TP-Link Connects Communities with Reliable and Intelligent Infrastructure

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  • JFL Living

    TP-Link Builds Reliable and Stable WiFi Network for JFL Living in Brazil

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  • Xiao Xiang Court Hotel

    Xiao Xiang Court Hotel’s demand is to develop their network and surveillance systems before establishing their business. TP-Link provided a custom solution based on its detailed requirements and environment.

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  • Externato Frei Luís de Sousa

    Omada SDN—Professional network solutions of better quality and reliability to a school in Portugal

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  • Primary School No. 3 with a Pre-school Division in Ustroń

    Quality Wired and Wireless Network are Offered by TP-Link to Fulfill the Internet Demands in all Classrooms

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  • Gen. Mariusz Zaruski Primary School No. 12 in Gdynia

    TP-Link Expands the Existing network and Provides Reliable WiFi for School in Gdynia

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  • Center for Agricultural Education School Complex in Bydgoszcz

    TP-Link Deploys WiFi Network that Created New Opportunities for all Users in the School

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  • CP Freshmart

    TP-Link Improves In-Store Customer Experience for CP Fresh Mart

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    Combined Video Surveillance and Wireless Network Solution for Integrated Shopping Center in Anyang

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  • Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

    Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

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  • True ISP Education Project

    True School Project of the Thailand ISP Requires TP-Link WiFi Network Solution

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  • PTG Energy

    TP-Link Reliable Network Solutions for Petrol Stations of PTG Energy

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  • VIGI Provides the Customs Department Professional Surveillance Solution in Thailand.

    With continuous HD surveillance videos, VIGI provides crucial evidence for investigations, enhancing the Customs Department’s capabilities and credibility. This positions them favorably for future opportunities.

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    TP-Link Provides Reliable Networking Service for PGL Major Kraków

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