Even Smarter with Sensors

Take your smart home to the next level.

Meet The New Smart Family

Tapo takes your smart home to the next level with new smart sensors. Start here and explore your endless smart home possibilities.

Add sensors to your home.

  • Enhance Control

    Enhance Control

    Pair sensors with lights, plugs, and switches for greater convenience.

  • Energy-Saving


    Devices only turn on when you’re around, helping you lower your electric bill.

  • Improve Safety

    Improve Safety

    With sensors and constant monitoring of your home, reduce the chance of accidents and worse.

The magic of Tapo sensors

  • Low-Power Wireless Protocol

    Low-Power Wireless Protocol

    Ensures every battery-powered device lasts longer.

  • Long-Range Connections

    Long-Range Connections

    Devices stay connected all the time through a robust wireless network.

  • Fast and Reliable Performance

    Fast & Reliable Performance

    Low latency, low interference, reliable connection, works perfectly even when the Internet is down.

Everything Works Together with Smart Actions

Customize automatic and intelligent life patterns by tailoring your own Smart Actions. Every device works seamlessly with each other, creating a smarter home that works for you.

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