How to troubleshoot the TL-PS310U multi-functional print server

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Updated 06-28-2022 09:43:45 AM 66334
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TL-PS310U is a multi-functional print server which could help you connect to your printer remotely for printing, providing you a flexible and convenient way to share your printer for your family or office network.
Sometimes you may have to meet with some uncertain problems that could not print using your TL-PS310U, the following troubleshooting steps could help you kill the trouble.
Step 1 Network Check Make sure you could use the command prompt and use the “ping” command to reach your TL-PS310U by IP address (Default as, this is for ensuring the network between your computer and TL-PS310U is OK, if you could not ping the TL-PS310U successfully, that means you have some problems with your network:
Step 2 Compatibility Check Make sure the printer is in the compatibility list of TL-PS310U, otherwise we could not guarantee the coordination between the TL-PS310U and your printer, you can find the list on the official website
Step 3 MFP utility check Make sure you could see the printer on the MFP utility, and the printer status must be “Free”, if it’s not at “Free” status, you could not connect to it and finish your jobs until it is released.
Step 4 Adding TCP/IP standard port If the 3 steps above still could not solve the problem, please try to use adding TCP/IP standard port to install the print server on your computer, you could refer to the related FAQs (FAQ-181 for Windows XP or Windows 2000, FAQ-239 and FAQ-240 for Window 7, FAQ-459 for Window 8).
Step 5 Uncheck the “Enable bidirectional communication” If adding standard TCP/IP port still cannot make it, please UNCHECK the “Enable bidirectional communication” in the port configuration of printer.

Here we introduce 5 steps of troubleshooting when TL-PS310U could not help you print normally, we could use these 5 steps solving majority of problems, if the problem still exists, please contact with TP-Link support.

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