How to Configure the Distance Value on Pharos Products

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As the following figure shows, there is a feature named Distance Setting in the Advanced Wireless Settings section on Pharos products. This document introduces what the Distance value is and how to configure this value.

What Is the Distance Value?

The Distance value indicates the distance between AP and Station. If your device serves as a client, this value is the distance between your device and the root AP. If your device serves as an AP, this value is the distance between your device and the farthest client.

The Distance value is used to calculate ACK Timeout, which will influence the throughput performance to a large extent. Therefore, it is important to set a proper Distance value for your device.

How Do I Configure the Distance Value?

The Distance value is necessary for normal work of your wireless network. Be sure to set this value when configuring the wireless parameters for your device.

There are two methods to configure the Distance value: Manual and Auto.

Manual: Enter the distance manually in the input box. The valid values are from 0 to 200km, and we recommend that you set the value to 110% of the real distance.

Auto (Only works within 0-xx km): Check the Auto option, then the system will dynamically detect the distance. Note that the Auto option is available only when the distance is less than xx kilometers. The value xx varies according to the channel width you set. If the real distance between your AP and Station is larger than the value xx, you need to configure the Distance value manually.

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