How to Run Surveillance Software on Windows Vista or Windows 7

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The bundled surveillance software can only be used under administrator account. To run this software well on Windows Vista or Windows 7, we suggest you do the configuration below.
1.   Turn off the UAC
Step 1
Click Start -> Control Panel.
Step 2
Click User Accounts and Family Safety.
Step 3
Click User Accounts.
Step 4
Click Change User Account Control Settings.
Step 5
Choose Never Notify as shown in the figure below.
Step 6
Click OK.
2.   Set the Software as “Run as an administrator”
Step 1
Click Start -> TP-Link -> IP Surveillance to find Main Console. Right click Main Console and then click Properties.
Step 2
Choose Compatibility tab, and then check the box before Run this program as an administrator.
Step 3
Click OK.
NOTE: Above information is also introduced in the user manual of surveillance software. 

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