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  • How to Set up Address Reservation on TP-Link Routers Windows

    This video will show you how to set up Address Reservation on TP-Link routers.

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  • How to Set up Your TP-Link WiFi Router (Use Archer A6)

    This videos will show you how to connect your TP-Link WiFi router and set up internet connection easily via the Tether app.

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  • What should I do if I cannot access the internet? - Using a cable modem and a TP-Link router

    If you can’t access the internet using a cable modem and TP-Link router, follow this video step by step to solve your problem.

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  • How to turn a router into an Access Point?

  • How to set up Port Forwarding on a TP-Link router

    Take Archer A7 as demonstration.

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  • How to set Parental Controls on a TP-Link router

    Take Archer A9 as demonstration.

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  • How to change the Wi-Fi settings on TP-Link router


Archer C64(US)_V1_1.13.2 Build 230824

Published Date: 2023-09-08 Language: Multi-language File Size: 3.80 MB

1.Added support for DoH.
2.Added support for Alexa
3.Added support for HTTPS access.
4.Added IoT network and IoT security.
5.Optimized the guest network, supports Access Time Control and Bandwidth Control.
6.Optimized the easymesh, supports upgrading multiple devices at the same time.
7.Optimized the UI.

Bug Fixed:
1.Fixed several bugs related to IPTV.
2.Fixed several UI bugs.
3.Fixed the bug that the pin doesn't work under certain scenarios.
4.Fixed a compatibility bug with certain intel network cards.
5.Fixed the bug that router can't be accessed remotely via tether.

Note: You will be unable to downgrade to the previous firmware version after updating this firmware.

Archer C64(US)_V1_210716

Published Date: 2021-11-19 Language: English File Size: 3.44 MB

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Add the OneMesh.
2. Improved system security.
3. Optimized the IPV6 function.
4. Fix compatibility with specific DHCP servers.

For Archer C64(US) 1.0.

Archer C64(EU)_V1_210716

Published Date: 2021-11-17 Language: English File Size: 3.44 MB

Modification and bug fixes:
1. Optimized IPv6 module.
2. Added OneMesh feature.

1. For Archer C64 EU V1.
2. The firmware can not be downgraded to the previous firmware.


TP-Link Tether

TP-Link Tether provides the easiest way to access and manage your network with your iOS or Android devices. Learn more about TP-Link Tether and Compatible Devices

Note: To use Tether, please update your TP-Link device's firmware to the latest version.


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