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What should I do if the Wi-Fi signal is weak? Learn 3 ways to enhance Wi-Fi to improve the network experience

By alvin.ou

Modern life is almost inseparable from the network, all 3C products also must be connected to wireless networks to function properly。 So once there is the network instability or a Wi-Fi signal weak problem, it will cause a lot of inconvenience in life,.How to have a stable network connection quality? This article gives you four reasons for your slow Wi-Fi speed as well as three ways to enhance Wi-Fi to give you the best network experience.

4 Reasons Wi-Fi is slow| Why does the Network always run badly?

Before you learn how to improve your Wi-Fi signal, show you the possible reasons for slowing down Wi-Fi and help you check your network for the following problems:

Reason for weak Wi-Fi signal1: The router is not in the correct location

If you're using the network, there's always a weak Wi-Fi signal in some places, probably because it's too far away from the router, resulting in poor traffic, so you can try to adjust the router's location so that you can receive Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your home.

Reason for weak Wi-Fi signal2: The device has poor reception capability

Every mobile phone, pen, tablet and other devices, the ability to receive signals is not the same. If the device is too old  or network functions are damaged, even if the wi-Fi signal cannot improve the network speed.

Reason for weak Wi-Fi signal3: Too many people are using it

Each router can carry a limited number of devices, and if Wi-Fi usage exceeds the router's load, network speed will naturally become slower.

Reason for weak Wi-Fi signal4: Signal interference

Wi-Fi can currently use a band of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and if too many routers are around using the same band, it is easy to form signal interference, resulting in slower Wi-Fi speeds.

How can I improve the problem of poor Wi-Fi receipt? 3 ways to enhance Wi-Fi

After looking at the possible causes of weak Wi-Fi signals, here are three ways to enhance your Wi-Fi to help you improve your network experience.

1. Upgrade the network scenario

Network broadband scheme is an important factor affecting the strength of Wi-Fi signal. If the network speed of the optional scheme is very slow, even if the function of the router is no longer useful, so when encountering the problem of weak Wi-Fi signal, it is recommended to check whether the network broadband scheme needs to be upgraded.

2. Replace the router placement

The router has limited signal coverage. And if you want to maximize coverage, it is recommended that you place the router in the center of the house and minimize obstacles around the router, preferably in an open space around it. In addition, if you must use Wi-Fi in different rooms or on different floors, it is recommended to choose a router with OneMesh ™ to expand signal coverage so that you can cover all your space with a single network.

3. Upgrade routers and network equipment

If you have upgraded the network broadband scheme, but the network speed is still not improved. It may be because the router equipment is too old, making the router difficult to load a large number of connected devices. It is recommended that you upgrade the router according to the network usage and the number of connected devices to improve the speed and the stability of the network. In addition to upgrading routers, purchasing signal extenders is also a good way to enhance network coverage. For example, TP-Link signal extenders can be compatible with any router, wireless signals to expand the entire space. It greatly improves the network experience.

Network device upgrades are recommended | TP-Link signal extender

Finally, we recommend 2 TP-Link signal extenders to help you solve your Wi-Fi signal instability and inadequate network coverage.

The AX1500 Wi-Fi signal extender | RE505X


The RE505X signal extender features the latest wireless technology, Wi-Fi 6, which dramatically increases Wi-Fi speeds and expands network coverage. It also creats a dead-end network roaming environment with OneMesh routers that let you enjoy the same network speeds in every corner. In addition, the RE505X can use base station mode, as long as the network cable plugged into the network interface.  You can easily convert the wired network to high-speed wireless dual-frequency signal, giving you the flexibility to switch wired and wireless networks.

The AC1750 Wi-Fi signal extender | RE450


Using next-generation 802.11AC Wi-Fi technology, the RE450 is three times faster than the standard 802.11n Wi-Fi technology and it offers high-speed wireless networks up to 1750 Mbps with dual-band Wi-Fi. Whether watching HD/4K streaming movies, large archive transfers, or playing large online games, it gives you smooth network quality. In addition to increasing network speed, the RE450 is equipped with three adjustable dual-frequency antennas that dramatically improve network coverage and connectivity, making it easy for everyone to have a high-quality network experience.


TP Link is a global supplier of professional network equipment and accessories, providing sales and technical services for more than 170 countries around the world. In addition to signal extenders, there are a variety of home routers equipped with the latest technology, commercial routers, base stations and other products. They can help you solve any network-related problems, so that you no longer worry about Wi-Fi signal weak problem!

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