How to select web plugin to realize live view in camera’s web interface

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This FAQ is suitable for all of the Windows operating systems.

The web plugin could be only installed for NC200.

There is no need for other NC series cameras to install the web plugin, including NC210, NC220, NC230, NC250, NC450 and NC260.

The Plugin name consisted with (web plugin can be download in our official website):

1. Confirm the version of your browser which could be 32-bit or 64-bit. 64-bit operating system supports both 32-bit and 64-bit plug-in while 32-bit system only supports 32-bit plug-in.

Note: You can check related information with the help option of menu bar in the browser. The browser is 32-bit in default if untagged.

For example, this is 32-bit version Internet Explorer 8.

2. Confirm the type of browser which the Rendering Engine is based on coral IE or not.

In the common browser application, IE browser is based on coral IE while Chrome, Firefox, Edge is not.

Note: Edge is bind with Windows 10 at present.

Attached tables summarize availability of cameras in common browser.

Note: NC200 does not support Firefox and Chrome because mainstream browsers cancel the support to NPAPI plugin.

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