Common questions about TP-Link EAP device when it’s used in home network

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Configuration on EAP Device


  1. Can I attach the EAP directly to my modem or do I need a router?

The EAP is NOT a Wi-Fi Router. We cannot use the EAP as a Router by attaching it directly to a modem for sharing the Internet. If there is no router in your network, you may still need to get a router.

  1. Can I connect EAP to another non-TP-Link router?

Yes you can. The EAP is an access point, it can be connected to any router to improve the wireless coverage.

  1. Can I connect the EAP with Deco?

If your purpose is connecting the EAP to the Deco unit via Ethernet cable to provide wider wireless coverage, the answer would be YES. But if your purpose is connecting the EAP wirelessly to the Deco without cable, the answer would be NO.

  1. Can EAP Mesh work with Deco Mesh?

No, EAP can NOT work with Deco products to build a Mesh network since the Mesh mechanism between EAP and Deco products is different.

  1. Can I use the EAP to create a seamlessly roaming network with my router?

We have some certain EAPs that support 802.11k/V fast roaming feature, which can cooperate with the wireless clients to build a seamless roaming network. If you are interested, please read this FAQ to check more detail.

  1. Can I use the EAP to bridge my existing network?

The EAP is an access point, it can only be used to bridge the existing network by Ethernet cable, but NOT to wirelessly bridge the existing network.

  1. Do I need to install the Controller software or purchase a hardware Controller to set up my EAP?

Generally speaking, you can simply configure each EAP individually for basic functionality without installing or purchasing the Omada Controller. But if you need to configure the network with some advanced features such as Mesh, Reboot Schedule, Fast Roaming, and so on. Omada Controller will be required. For more advanced features that require Omada Controller, please read this FAQ:


Troubleshooting on EAP Device

  1. What can I do if I cannot get internet access after connected to the EAP’s SSID?

The EAP is usually plug-and-play, if you get no internet access from the EAP, please firstly confirm the main Router is working fine. Then check the points below and see if it helps:

  1. Ensure the EAP is hardwired to the router via an Ethernet LAN cable, use a standard CAT5 above cable for the connection. Usually, we can see a corresponding LED light up on the Router.
  2. Test the EAP’s SSID with other wireless clients, eliminate the issue is from a specific client.
  3. Check the IP info on the wireless clients. To access the Internet, the clients need to get Default Gateway (Router) and DNS Server from your network through the EAP.

How to find IP address of your computer, How to find IP address of a mobile device

  1. Unplug the EAP, and connect a PC instead to the Router with the same Ethernet cable, check the IP info obtained on the PC and confirm it can get internet access.
  2. Reset the EAP: with the EAP powered on, use a pin to press and hold the reset hole for about 8 seconds until the LED flashes green-red-yellow to factory default settings.
  3. Repeat step 1)-4) if you still get no Internet access from the EAP.

If it still doesn’t work, contact TP-Link support with the above results for further assistance.

  1. What can I do if my EAP cannot be powered on?

1) Please check the power supply supported by your EAP, ensure you are using the correct power supply to power up the EAP. Here is a summary guide for your reference.

PoE Guide to TP-Link Access Points

Note: If your EAP is not listed in the guide above, you may search the full model number from TP-Link official website to get the details.

2) If your EAP comes with a passive PoE adapter, connect the EAP to the PoE port of the passive PoE adapter, and the PoE adapter into a power outlet, there will be a green LED lit up on the adapter.

3) Change a different cable and another power outlet.

If it still doesn’t work, contact TP-Link support with the EAP device info for further assistance.


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