How to manage EAPs at different places across internet using Omada Controller (via NAT Port Forwarding and EAP Discovery Utility)? (New UI)

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Note: If the management pages of your switch and router are different from this FAQ, refer to How to manage EAPs at different places across Internet using Omada Controller (via NAT Port Forwarding and EAP Discover Utility)? (Old UI).

When EAPs are located in different areas, how to manage them together?

Take the following topology as an example. A company wants to manage EAP1 and EAP2 using the controller host with a static IP address Although the network of HQ and Branch Office are connected through internet, the controller host cannot discover the EAP in Branch Office by itself because they are in different LANs.

Figure 1    Network Topology

Demonstrated with T2600G-28TS as the switch and TL-ER6120 as the router, this article introduces how to help the controller discover the EAPs in different places via NAT Port Forwarding and EAP Discovery Utility.

Note: To achieve the same effect, you can also use the following alternatives:

· Via NAT Port Forwarding and DHCP Option 138 

· Via VPN Tunnel and EAP Discovery Utility

· Via VPN Tunnel and DHCP Option138

Follow the steps below to configure the switch and router.

Step1. Add an NAT Port Forwarding rule on the Router (TL-ER6120) in HQ

Go to Transmission > NAT > Virtual Servers and add a Virtual Server entry. Specify port 29810–29813 as service ports and specify the controller host as Internal Server.

Figure 2    Configuring NAT Port Forwarding

Step 2. Enable DHCP Server on the Router (TL-ER6120) in Branch Office

Go to Network > LAN > DHCP Server, enable DHCP Server and specify the parameters to assign IP addresses.

Figure 3    Configuring DHCP Server

Step 3. Configurations on the PC Running EAP Discovery Utility

1. Run EAP Discovery Utility on the computer in Branch Office and wait for it to discover the EAP.

Figure 4    EAP Discovery Utility discovers the EAP

2. After EAP Discovery Utility finds the EAP, click Manage. Then specify the WAN IP address of the router in HQ as Controller IP and fill in the username and password of the EAP (both are admin by default). Click Apply.

Figure 5    Configuring the Device Information

Step 4. Adopt the EAP to the Controller

Launch Omada Controller and go to Access Points. The EAP which has been configured by EAP Discovery Utility just now will appear in the Pending list. Click Adopt and wait for the adoption. Then you can manage the EAP centrally.

Figure 6    Adopting the EAP to the Controller Host in HQ


1. After the controller successfully adopts the EAP, you can remove the computer running EAP Discovery Utility from the network.

2. If the controller still cannot discover the EAP, refer to What should I do when the controller fails to discover the EAP? to find the problem and solve it.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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