TP-Link Matter-Certified Devices

TP-Link has been driving the practical application of the Matter protocol and further opening the ecosystem to improve compatibility for users. Matter is an industry-unifying connectivity standard that aims to bridge the gap between smart home platforms, promising seamless communication among IoT devices.

The compatible device list will be updated regularly, and TP-Link reserves the right to modify this page at any time without notifying the users.
The following models including their subsequent versions are Matter-certified products.

Ver Sistemas Deco

  • Deco X60 V3

    Deco X60 V3

    Sistema Wi-Fi 6 Mesh AI Doble Banda AX3000

    En desarrollo
  • Deco X55

    Deco X55

    Sistema Wi-Fi 6 Mesh AI Doble Banda AX3000

  • Deco X50

    Deco X50

    Sistema Deco X50 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh AI AX3000

    En desarrollo
  • Deco X20 V4

    Deco X20 V4

    Sistema Wi-Fi 6 Mesh AI para toda la casa AX1800

    En desarrollo

Enchufe Inteligente

  • Tapo P110M

    Tapo P110M

    Enchufe Wi-Fi medidor consumo

  • Tapo P100M (EU)

    Tapo P100M (EU)

    Mini Enchufe Wi-Fi Inteligente

Iluminación Inteligente

  • Tapo L535E

    Tapo L535E

    Bombilla LED Inteligente RGB Multicolor

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