Shenzhen, China, July 6th, 2015 - TP-Link, the world’s leading innovator and provider of home, small and medium business networking solutions, announced the release of the new NC220 Cloud Camera, which supports transmission speeds of up to 300 Mbps.
    Cloud-based technology is rapidly becoming the universal platform for sharing and control. Cloud Cameras rely on the most advanced networking technologies to provide you with security and peace-of-mind. TP-Link's NC220 provides all the security you desire without sacrificing ease-of-use, thereby allowing you to make the most of your home or office surveillance system.
    The setup and control process consists of three simple steps: Connect - Register - View. Installation and setup take only a few minutes to complete and will allow you to access the camera's full suite of features through or the tpCamera® app.
    tpCamera App
    The tpCamera® app, independently developed by TP-Link, is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The app provides an effective, user-friendly platform that allows you to remotely control your NC220 Cloud Camera. You can control your NC220 Cloud Camera to take pictures and record video with the touch of a button, regardless of where you are.
    Night Vision
    Equipped with Night Vision function, the NC220 can clearly record objects at distances up to 18 feet, even in complete darkness.
    Motion and Sound Detection
    The Motion and Sound Detection function of the NC220 allows the camera to send notifications, via email or FTP, as soon as motion or sound is detected. This automatic alert feature helps you keep your property safe and secure by providing you with constant situational awareness, even when actively monitoring the video feed is not a convenient option.
    300 Mbps Wireless and Wi-Fi Extender
    The NC220 Cloud Camera supports a wireless connection with speeds up to 300 Mbps. It also has the added benefit of functioning as a Wi-Fi signal extender, which can be used to increase the range of your current wireless network. This combination of streaming video and impressive Wi-Fi coverage provides an enhanced user experience that boasts both speed and stability.
    NC220 Key Features
    • Night Vision camera records objects at distances up to 18 feet in complete darkness
    • Fast, stable 300 Mbps wireless connectivity
    • Motion and Sound Detection function initiates immediate e-mail or FTP notifications
    • 1/4” progressive scan CMOS sensor
    • Real-time H.264 compression
    • 4x digital zoom
    • Built-in microphone
    • Easy viewing and management through the tpCamera app or
    • Secure connection with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
    • Wi-Fi Extender capability helps eliminate dead zones

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