Shenzhen, China, September 1st, 2015 - TP-Link, a global provider of consumer and SMB networking products, today announced the debut of the PB50, TL-PB5200 and TL-PB2600 Power Bank portable charging units. The new sleek, compact Power Banks are compatible with most 5V input USB-charged devices, including Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices. Simply connect the included Micro USB cable to a compatible device for uninterrupted mobility.
    “We increasingly rely on mobile devices to stay connected to each other and to the Internet,” said Andy Chen, Director of International Business at TP-Link. “Our Power Banks help customers stay connected by extending the life of their mobile devices far beyond the capability of their batteries.”
    A Power Bank for Every Use
    The Power Banks can both charge a device low on battery life and power a device with a completely drained battery, extending the daily use of mobile electronics.
    The PB50 operates at 10,000mAh and has one 5V/2A USB port and one 5V/1A USB port. The TL-PB5200 operates at 5,200mAh and has one 5V/2.4A USB port. The TL-PB2600 operates at 2,600mAh and has one 5V/1A USB port.
    High Energy Efficiency Rate of 90%
    The design of the Power Banks emphasizes portability and efficiency. A slim housing makes packing and transporting the devices easy, and the durable casing resists wear and tear when traveling. High-end PCB components help the Power Banks charge efficiently, with an energy efficiency rate of up to 90%1, and also provide more charging cycles and increased overall durability.
    Built-in monitoring circuitry enhances the reliability of the Power Banks by helping to prevent over-heating, over-charging and short-circuiting. The Power Banks’ USB ports automatically detect and adjust output levels based on the charging needs of connected devices, with 5V/1A ports able to charge smaller devices like smartphones, and 5V/2A, 5V/2.4A ports able to charge both smaller devices and larger ones like tablets. Owners can recharge the Power Banks via their micro-USB port by connecting them to a power outlet using any standard smartphone or tablet AC adapter.
    Intelligent Charging Technology
    The PB50 and TL-PB5200 both support Intelligent Charging technology, automatically detecting the rated voltage and current of devices for the fastest possible charging.  
    Common features of the PB50, TL-PB5200 and TL-PB2600 Power Banks:
    • Smart LEDs indicating charging status.
    • Micro-USB port for charging the Power Bank.
    • Universal compatibility with most 5V-input mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

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