How to Setup HomeCare Parental Controls using the TP-Link Tether App

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This guide will walk you through the steps to setup parental controls through TP-Link HomeCare services.  Click here if you have not yet setup your router to use TP-Link HomeCare features. 

*Note:  Please connect to your router’s wireless network before following this guide. 

Step 1:  Open the TP-Link Tether app. 

Note: Correct the Time Settings to match your phone’s local time

How to set up System Time of the Wi-Fi Routers (new logo)?

*Note:  Tether V 2.10 or higher required to use HomeCare features.

Step 2:  in the upper left corner tap the “3-lines” button

Step 3:  Tap on the icon that says “Login” below it.

Step 4:  Sign in to your TP-Link Cloud account or sign up if you do not yet have one.  Click here if you need help setting up a TP-Link Cloud account.  



Step 5:  Once Logged in, Tap the Icon for your router.

Step 6:  Tap on “HomeCare” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7:  Tap on “Parental Controls”.

Step 8:  In the upper right corner tap the “+” button.

Step 9:  Give the new profile a name and tap “Next”.   

Step 10:  Select a pre-set filter level for the profile. 

Step 11:  Under categories you will have filtered content, some you can change and some you cannot.  

Step 12:  You can also add any app or website to further enhance the filter rules.  Once you complete this tap “Next”.

Step 13:  You can control how much times devices in each profile can access the internet.

*Note:  If you do not set a time limit that profile will have unlimited access to the internet

Step 14:  You can also set a bedtime where all internet is cut off for these devices.  Once you setup access and bedtimes tap “Next”.

Step 15:  Choose the devices you would like under this profile and then tap “Done”.

Step 16:  You will be taken back to the profiles page with the new entry listed.  Next to the name is a “||” button.  You can use this to turn off internet at any time.

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