The Tapo RV30 Plus - the ultimate robot vacuum and mop solution!

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    The Tapo RV30 Plus - the ultimate robot vacuum and mop solution!

    Excerpt: The Tapo RV30 Plus robot vacuum and mop kept my floors spotless throughout the day – and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

    I recently tested the Tapo RV30 Plus robot vacuum and mop – and it kept my floors spotless without me having to do more than tap a button.

    Setting it up was easy. First, I placed the included Smart Auto-Empty Dock against a wall in my home, plugged it into a wall socket, and docked the robot vacuum.

    Then, I selected the Tapo RV30 Plus on the TP-Link Tapo smartphone app, followed the steps in the app, and within minutes the RV30 Plus was ready to map out my home with its LiDAR technology.

    LiDAR is a highly accurate form of laser remote sensing that is superior to the mapping technologies used by most other robot vacuums.

    Using this technology, the RV30 Plus is capable of navigating obstacles, under furniture, and along wall edges accurately and easily.

    The mapping process only took a few minutes as the Tapo RV30 Plus navigated to each room, and I watched in awe as a map of my home was generated on the app.

    Tapo RV30 Plus cleaning

    With my home fully mapped out, I then used the TP-Link Tapo app to create a custom cleaning schedule, adjusting a wide range of settings such as:

    • Which days and at what times the RV30 Plus should vacuum or mop.
    • Choosing different cleaning frequencies and schedules for each room.
    • Picking between four suction intensities.
    • Adjusting the water flow rate for mopping, depending on floor type and level of mess.
    • Scheduling emptying procedures at the charging station.

    The 5,000mAh battery then gave the Tapo RV30 Plus up to five hours of continuous cleaning, which was more than enough time for a thorough clean.


    When cleaning my flat, I had four choices of suction levels. I used its full 4,200Pa suction power while I was out, and set it to a pleasantly quiet ‘Standard” strength while I was at home.

    Whichever setting I used, the RV30 Plus cleaned extremely effectively, and also kept my carpets spotless using its Carpet Auto-Boost setting – which lets the RV30 Plus ramp up to 2cm onto carpets, mats or over doorsills.

    Other valuable features I noticed include a remote control setting – that let me manually steer the RV30 Plus – and its built-in HEPA filter that captures 99.9% of allergens to help me get through allergy season.

    Smart Auto-Empty Dock

    Once the cleaning process was complete, the Tapo RV30 Plus returned to its Smart Auto-Empty Dock.

    This served two purposes: It recharged the RV30 Plus and it sucked out the contents of the RV30 Plus into a 4L dust bag. TP-Link states this bag will last approximately 70 days until it needs to be replaced.

    Both of these actions occurred each time the robot vacuum docked for charging purposes, and would also happen if the RV30 Plus sensed that its own bin was at 80% capacity while still performing a task.

    Additionally, I was able to set a ‘do not disturb’ mode that ensured the docking station wouldn’t empty the RV30 Plus during nightly cleans, as it was a little noisier than the RV30 itself.

    Click here to view the Tapo RV30 Plus video. [embedded video]


    The verdict

    If you’re looking for a convenient, time-saving way to keep your floors spotless, the Tapo RV30 Plus is the robot vacuum for you.

    Its LiDAR technology ensures its cleaning routines are thorough, and its impressive cleaning capabilities will suck up all the dirt on your floors and carpets.

    Click here to learn more about the Tapo RV30 Plus robot vacuum and mop.

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