Hotel network solution introduction. Hotel wifi diagram, design, topology, installation are introduced.

Effortless Monitoring with Reliable Security

  • Crystal Clear Image
  • 24/7 Full-Color Surveillance
  • Smart Detection & Instant Alerts
  • Flexible Power Supply & Network Connection

Guests will always prize their security and user experience over almost everything else. VIGI surveillance solutions for the hospitality industry can help provide a safe and comfortable environment for guests, staff and property. Our system and solution allow you to monitor and manage issues in smart manner.

Surveillance Requirements

  • Monitor each corner clearly on the monitor, even under complex lightening conditions
  • Find and respond to problems quickly, protecting guests and their property
  • Flexible monitoring views cover all areas.
  • Easily install and deploy in your business with lower labor and time costs.
  • Easy to use with simple management via user-friendly platforms, such as GUI, software, and app.

Solution Overview

Clear Image

  • Super High Definition (3MP or above)
  • Smart Image Enhancements (WDR/3D DNR/Smart IR)
  • 24/7 Full-Color Night Vision

High Security

  • Smart Human & Event Detection
  • Instant Alerts
  • Customized Patrol
  • Automatic Motion Tracking

Easy to Use

  • Flexible Installation & Deployment
  • Quick Lookup & Playback
  • User-Friendly Management Platform
  • Remote Monitoring

Detailed Application




Parking Lot


Monitoring Room

Product List

Surveillance Products

Type Product** Lobby Corridor Entrance Parking Lot Elevator Monitoring Room
Bullet Camera VIGI C300P      
VIGI C340PWSM*          
VIGI C340WSM-W*      
Turret Camera VIGI C400P      
VIGI C440WSM-W*          
Pan&Tilt Camera VIGI C540PWSM*      
VIGI C540WSM-W*        
VIGI C540WSA-G*          
Network Video Recorder VIGI NVR1008          
VIGI NVR1016H          

Networking Products

Type Product** Lobby Corridor Entrance Parking Lot Elevator Monitoring Room
PoE Switch TL-SF1006P          
EAP EAP620 HD    

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