How to use SMS Service on 3G/4G or 4G/5G Deco router

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When Deco works in 3G/4G or 4G/5G Router mode, you can view, send and receive messages with the SMS Service in the Deco app.


When Deco works in Wireless Router mode, you need to go to MORE > Advanced > 3G/4G Backup and enable 3G/4G Backup to use SMS Service. (For 3G/4G Deco router)

When Deco works in Wireless Router mode, go to MORE > Advanced > Operation Mode > 4G/5G Backup and enable 4G/5G Backup to use SMS Service. (For 4G/5G Deco router)

Follow the steps below to use the SMS service. Here takes Deco X20-4G as an example. The actual app screen may vary slightly from the product model.

1. Launch your Deco app and go to MORE > SMS.

2. View Inbox and Sent messages.

3. Tap New Message to write and send a new message.

4. Delete the message that you would not like to save.

Method 1: Select and long-press the message that you would like to delete, then tap Remove.

Method 2: Tap the icon in the upper right-side corner, then select the message that you want to delete, then tap Delete at the bottom.

5. Reply to a message.

To get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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