General Questions about the Powerline or PLC Backhaul Feature of Deco

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Deco PX50(AX3000 + G1500), Deco P7 (AC1300+AV600), and Deco P9 (AC1200+AV1000) have a built-in powerline chipset, which provides a feature called Powerline/PLC Backhaul.

Note: Currently, only Deco PX50, Deco P9, and Deco P7 support the Powerline/PLC Backhaul feature.

Q1: Can Deco PX50 build PLC Backhaul with Deco P9 and P7?

No. Deco PX50 uses the powerline standard while Deco P7/P9 uses the HomePlugAV powerline standard, which is not compatible with each other.

However, the Deco P9 and Deco P7 can build the Powerline Backhaul together.

Q2: How to enable the Powerline Backhaul feature?

Powerline Backhaul doesn't need to be turned on by any hardware or software switch, and it takes effect automatically as long as:

  1. When Deco PX50/P7/P9 is used as the Main Deco.
  2. Two or more Deco PX50 under the same power grid, or two or more Deco P7/P9 under the same power grid.

The Powerline Backhaul works between two Deco PX50 or two Deco P7/P9.

Q3: Does the PLC Backhaul takes effect between Deco PX50/P7/P9 and other powerline products?

No. Deco products can only build the PLC Backhaul connection with other Deco products that adopt the same powerline standard.

Q4: Can PLC Backhaul, Ethernet Backhaul, and Wi-Fi Backhaul work at the same time?

If there is no Ethernet cable between the Deco units, Wi-Fi Backhaul and PLC Backhaul will take effect at the same time.

If there is an Ethernet cable between the Deco units, then only Ethernet Backhaul will take effect.

Q5: How to know if PLC Backhaul is established successfully?

1. Deco P7

We can learn whether PLC Backhaul works from the PLC indicator on the power adapter.

If the indicator is solid orange, it means the PLC backhaul connection is bad or even fails to establish. In this case, please refer to Q6 for further help.

If the indicator is solid green, it means the PLC Backhaul connection is good.

2. Deco P9/Deco PX50

There is no LED light on the power adapter of Deco P9/PX50 to indicate the PLC connection status. However, you can click on the network map on the Deco app, then click on a satellite Deco P9/PX50 to check which deco it connects to and whether through the PLC backhaul or not.

Q6: What Can I do if PLC Backhaul is not working properly (The LED indicator on the power adapter is orange)?

1. Make sure all the Deco units are under the same power grid.

2. Connect the Deco unit to a different power socket. Use the wall socket rather than the extension socket.

3. If the Deco unit is close to a DSL modem or a DSL telephone line, plug the Deco into a different wall socket away from them.

4. It is recommended to put two Deco units within a distance of 100 meters. In addition, please keep the Deco units far away from high-power appliances to avoid possible interference.

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