What is the TP-Link Router Alexa Skill and how do I use it?

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What is TP-Link Router Skill for Alexa?

TP-Link Router Skill is a kit of skills developed for TP-Link Wi-Fi products to work with Amazon Alexa. Thanks to this feature, you can control and customize your home network by giving simple voice commands to Alexa.

TP-Link Router Skill contains two kinds of skills, custom skill, and native skill. When using custom skills, you need to add the TP-Link prefix to voice commands. While using native skills, no prefix is needed.

Here we take one of the router skills as an example.

Custom Skill: Alexa, ask TP-Link to turn on the guest Wi-Fi.

Native Skill: Alexa, turn on the guest Wi-Fi.

Note: Currently Archer A7, Deco M5, Deco M9 Plus, Deco M4, and Deco P7 support TP-Link native skill. But don’t worry, more models will support this feature in future updates. (The firmware of Deco should be 1.4.X or above)

What functions can I control with TP-Link Router Skill?

With TP-Link Router Skills, you can control some functions of your TP-Link routers, including Guest Network, Night Mode, LED, etc.

Please check the compatibility list to see if your TP-Link product is compatible.

How do I use TP-Link Router Skill?

To use the TP-Link Router Skill, just speak to your Amazon speakers (such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show, etc) with the following voice commands.

Voice Commands of TP-Link Native Skills






Alexa, turn on router lights


Alexa, turn off router lights

Night Mode


Alexa, turn on night mode


Alexa, turn off night mode



Alexa, turn on WPS

Guest Network


Alexa, turn on guest network/turn on guest Wi-Fi


Alexa, turn off guest network/turn on guest Wi-Fi



Alexa, set QoS to gaming/standard/streaming/chatting/surfing/custom


Alexa, set Application priority to gaming/standard/streaming/chatting/surfing/custom

Access Control

(Required extra configuration on the Alexa App, refer to the link for details.)

Alexa, pause Wi-Fi for John's tablet (John's tablet is the name of the tablet).
Alexa, pause internet for Jane's computer.
Alexa, enable the Wi-Fi for Junior's tablet for thirty minutes.
Alexa, enable the internet for Junior's phone for three hours.
Alexa, turn off the Wi-Fi for John's tablet.
Alexa, enable the internet for Junior's phone for three hours.

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