What can I do if my powerline rate is very low?

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Updated 11-18-2016 06:00:37 AM 143888
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Power line products in general, transmit data through the power line of your house. The power line rate is mainly decided by the quality of power line environment it’s operating in. When your power line rate is low, you may try the steps below to improve the quality of service.


Step 1:

Please check whether your powerline adapters are plugged directly into a wall outlet. If not, please move the adapters to an outlet on the wall.


Step 2:

Please check if there are electrical devices, which have a motor inside them, around the powerline adapters. Such equipment can be air-conditioners, washing-machines, electric-fans etc..  Please move such equipment to another location if possible, or move powerline adapters away from such equipment.  You may also buy a surge protector and plug such equipments to its outlets to avoid any interference they may cause.


Step 3:

Please check if there are AC power adapters, such as those used for mobile phones, laptops or something else around the adapters. If the quality of AC power adapter is not good, it may cause noise on the power line circuit. Please move it to another place away from the powerline adapters.


Step 4:

Please check if the distance between the adapters is too long. In theory, the maximum distance is 300 meters. However, with interference and line quality, it will be hard to reach the full 300 meters.

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