Why I cannot find the IP address of TP-Link Camera?

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Updated 06-29-2022 02:08:35 AM 43902
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If you cannot find the IP address of the IP Camera with the Intelligent IP Installer software, please try the solutions below:

Solution 1: Make sure the SSDP Service of your PC is enabled.

STEP 1: Select My Computer/Computer on desktop, right click it, Select Manage to open Computer Management window.
STEP 2: Expand Services and Applications->Services, find and locate SSDP Discovery Service in the Services list on the right side.
STEP 3: Select SSDP Discovery Service, right click it, and then select Properties.
STEP 4: Change Startup type to Automatic, Configure the Service Status to Started, then click on OK.
Solution 2: Shut down the Firewall and quit your Anti-virus software temporarily. Run the Intelligent IP Installer software and search the IP Camera again.
Solution 3: Change PC. Since the settings of your current PC may block the Software to find the Camera, you may try it on another PC.
Solution 4: Reset the IP Camera. Please refer to the link below:
If it doesn’t help, try the following method to reset it:

Please Power off the camera. And power back on the camera and wait for 30 seconds, then press the reset hole for 15 seconds. Please hold the reset hole firmly and you may try it for 2-3 times.

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