How to configure the WLAN Group function on the SDN Controller?(New UI)

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The WLAN Group function provides an easy way to deploy your wireless network. It allows you to preset groups of SSIDs with desired wireless parameters and quickly applies them to your EAPs. According to your needs, you can apply different WLAN Groups to different EAPs or one WLAN Group to all of them.


Configuration Steps

To configure the WLAN Group function, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Create a WLAN Group

Note: By default, there is a WLAN group named Default, which is applied to all EAPs.

1) Go to Settings > Wireless Network.

2) Click + Create New Group from the drop-down list of WLAN Group to add a WLAN Group.

3) Specify a name for the WLAN Group and click Save.

After you create a WLAN Group, you can click to edit the name of the WLAN Group, click  to delete the WLAN Group.


Step 2.  Add SSIDs to the WLAN Group

1) Select the desired WLAN Group from the drop down list of WLAN Group and click + Create New Wireless Network to add an SSID to the specific WLAN Group.

2) Configure the parameters according to your needs and click Apply. You can specify a name for the SSID, choose the corresponding bands. As for the Security, here is three choices: if you don’t need a password for this SSID, choose None ; if you want to encrypt it, choose WPA-Personal/WPA-Enterprise. For detailed information about the parameters, refer to the User Guide 4.4.


After you add an SSID to the WLAN Group, you can click  in the ACTION column to edit the wireless network and click  to delete the wireless network.


Step 3.  Apply the WLAN Group to the EAP

Note: Only after you apply a WLAN Group to the EAP, the SSIDs of the WLAN Group will take effect.

Here we discuss two situations:

1. Apply to a Single EAP

1) Go to Devices, click the EAP to which you want to apply the WLAN group.

2) Then go to Config > WLANs in the Properties window.

3) Select the desired WLAN Group from the drop-down list to apply the WLAN Group to the EAP.


2. Apply to EAPs in batch

1) Go to Devices, select the APs tab and click Batch Action, and then click Batch Config.

2) Then check the boxes of EAPs which you want to apply the WLAN group to, and click Done.

3) Go to Config > WLANs in the Properties window, and select the desired WLAN Group from the drop-down list to apply the WLAN Group to EAPs.

To get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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