What should I pay attention to when resetting Deco M3W?

Updated 10-26-2020 06:04:22 AM 31369
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Sometimes you may encounter the problem that can’t reset the Deco M3W successfully thus you can’t configure it. Here are some points to pay attention to when resetting Deco M3W.

  1. Before press the reset button, please pay attention to the LED status on the M3W, after you plug M3W into a power socket, please wait for 1-2 minutes until the power light is solid on, then press the reset button less than 1s to reset it. If you press the reset button when M3W is rebooting, the M3W will goes into the firmware recovery mode (In this case, the default Wi-Fi name of the M3W will be TP-LINK_RE_XXXX rather than Deco_XXXX).

If Deco M3W goes into firmware recovery mode, reboot it for a try.


  1. To reset the M3W successfully, please press the reset button less than 1 second, if you press the reset button for 1s or more than 1s, you can't reset the M3W successfully.


  1. If you have reset the M3W successfully, you can see the LED status change as below.
    Power light flashing white>> Signal light turns from red to white, other lights white on>> Only power light flashing, other lights go off>> Only power light solid on.


  1. If you have not reset the M3W successfully, please try to press the reset button with different pins and press the reset button from different angles with the pin.


If it's unable to reset the M3W successfully after the above steps, please contact TP-Link Technical Support.

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