How to Configure MAC Clone on Deco if Deco fails to connect to the internet?

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Why do we need to do MAC Clone on Deco?

Some ISP may register the MAC address of your computer when you dialing up to the internet for the first time via modem. If you use Deco to share your internet connection, the modem may still register the MAC address of your computer, in that case, it's needed to configure MAC Address Clone on the Deco thus Deco will be able to go to the internet.

Here we take Deco M4 as an example.

Step 1:  Disconnect the main Deco to the modem, connect your computer to the modem. Make certain the computer has internet access with the modem.

If the computer has no internet access, it’s suggested to contact your ISP. 


Step 2:  Refer to the link to check the MAC address which also called the physical address of the computer, then take a picture of the MAC address.


Step 3: Disconnect the computer to the modem, connect the modem to the main Deco. On the Deco App, please go to the More -> Advanced -> MAC Clone page.



Step 4: Enable MAC Clone, then you will see two options, Use Client MAC Address and Use Custom MAC Address.

Step 5: Select Use Custom MAC Address.

Enter the MAC address of the computer manually and then tap the Save button to save the settings.

Then you can test if the Deco is working or not.


Why do we not select Use Client MAC Address and clone an online device’s MAC address?

When Deco fails to connect to the internet, only the wireless client will show as online device, while we need to clone the computer wired adapter’s MAC address, thus we can only select Use Custom MAC Address and enter the wired adapter’s MAC address manually.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.


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