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Q1: What's the Wi-Fi range of the Deco?

Generally, each Deco model has a different Wi-Fi range, you can select a Deco model in the link, and go to its Overview page to check the recommended range.

Please note Deco's range may vary based on characteristics of your house including, but not limited to, its building materials, layout, interference, and Deco placement.


Q2: What is the recommended distance apart for each deco?

For the best experience, when wireless, the Deco unit should be no more than 50 feet apart of at least another Deco. Depending on your home, this can vary. You can refer to this link to find a suitable location for your Deco so that you can enjoy the best internet connection.

If your Deco units are all wired together via Ethernet, the space between Deco is a bit more flexible.


Q3: How to improve the Wi-Fi range of Deco?

You can refer to this link to get the detailed suggestions.


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