What happens when I cancel or downgrade my Kasa Care subscription?

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What happens when I cancel or downgrade my Kasa Care subscription?

Your Kasa Care plan cancellation or downgrade changes will take effect immediately. All video history outside of the new plan limits will be erased and cannot be recovered.

You’ll be issued either a prorated refund or a prorated credit. If you’ve canceled your Kasa Care subscription, you’ll get a prorated refund. If you still have one or more cameras in your Kasa Care subscription, you’ll get a prorated credit applied to your next bill.

Note: Your Kasa Care subscription can either be billed monthly or annually. Your current billing cycle (next invoice date) can be found on the Kasa Care sidebar in the Kasa app. If you wish to change your billing cycle, you may do so by selecting Kasa Care from the sidebar, canceling your subscription and creating a new subscription.



Refund Policy Summary Table:


Billing Cycle

Cancelling your plan

(moving from the Plus/Premium plan to Free plan)

Downgrading your plan

(moving from Premium to Plus plan)



Effective Date: Camera moved to Free plan immediately.

Refund: Prorated refund

Effective Date: Camera moved to Plus plan immediately.

Refund: Prorated credit


Note: Regarding the available time of the free plan, please read the information in detail in this link.


If you need further assistance contact TP-Link Customer Support here.


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