How to Link Google Assistant to your TP-Link Kasa Account (Smartphone App)

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This Guide will walk you through the steps of connecting your TP-Link Kasa account to your Google Assistant via the Google Assistant smartphone app.  If you have not yet setup you TP-Link Cloud account click here.


Step 1:   Open the Google Assistant App


Step 2:  In the upper right corner tap the “circle” button


Step 3:  In the upper right corner tap the “…” button


Step 4:  Tap on “Settings”


Step 5:  Tap on “Home Control”



Step 6:  In the lower right corner, tap the “+” button


Step 7:  Tap on “TP-Link Kasa”


Step 8:  Log into your Google Account


Step 9:  Log into you TP-Link Kasa account.


Step 10:  Controllable devices in your Kasa account are now part of Google Assistant as well.  Tap on the Pencil Icon next to a device to assign it to a room.


Step 11:  Tap on the desired room name, then tap the back arrow In the upper left corner.


Step 12:  Complete for each smart home device on the list the, in the upper right corner tap “Done”


Step 13:  Tap on “Got it” and your done


For a list of commands available click here or here.


If you need further assistance contact TP-Link Customer Support here.

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