3G Modem Bin File Center

Please Note

  1. We are continuously testing the 3G USB modems worldwide, the new firmware release can't catch up with the latest compatibility test achievement, so we provide this page for you to download the latest Modem Bin Files from compatible 3G modems, which have not been included in our latest firmware.
  2. After you download the Modem Bin File here, please refer the guide below to upload it into the 3G router:
    How to Use the Modem Bin File?
  3. Here is the link where you can find the latest firmware:
    TL-MR3420 Firmware Download Page
    TL-MR3220 Firmware Download Page
    TL-MR3020 Firmware Download Page
Model No. of 3G/3.75G Router Country/Location ISP Vendor of USB modem Model No. of USB modem Download Link