Agile Config

— Customize your Own Default

To enable ISPs to customize default configurations and batch-apply them to
devices, TP-Link provides the Agile Config solution.

Download Agile Config Tool

What is Agile Config?

Agile Config is used for customizing default configurations.


What’s the advantage?


    Customized Device Defaults

    You're free to flexibly modify the default configurations, according to your requirements. Even though end user reset the device, it still remains the configuration of ISP. This reduce the cost of after-sale service.


    Batch-apply Settings Easily by yourself

    Apply customized default configurations to multiple devices at once without any specialist equipment required.


    Logo Customization

    You can customize the configuration page with your own logo.


    Individual Passwords

    Configure different settings with individual password for each router.

Agile Config


    1. Deploy Agile Config


    2. Generate config file


    3. Batch configure

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