WiFi 6 Omada Access Points for Every Area of Your Business


    State-of-the-Art Hardware Design


    100% Remotely Managed


    Enterprise-Level Security


    Business-Level Management, 0 Monthly Fees


    Works with Omada Controller


    Vertical Manufacturing for Unbeatable Prices

WiFi 6 with Mesh and Roaming Technology

Designed to deliver multi-gigabit speeds to densely-packed environments, Omada access points feature the cutting edge of WiFi 6 technology. With mesh technology, users get a seamless connectivity experience.

Blazing Fast Speed with 8 Spatial Streams


    1024 QAM

    25% more data encoded at one time


    Long OFDM Symbol

    11% faster speed



4 Stream 802.11ac

4 Stream 802.11ax

4 Stream 802.11ac

4 Stream 802.11ax

1733 Mbps

2402 Mbps

600 Mbps

1148 Mbps

High-Density Connectivity with 4× Increased Capacity



Seamless Roaming

Access Points for Every Area of Your Business

Indoor, outdoor, and high-density areas, TP-Link Omada Access Points will have you covered.

  • High-Density Ceiling Mounted AP

    Perfect for your highest density areas

  • Wall-Mounted AP

    Give Wi-Fi to every room of your hotel, dorm, or residential area

  • Outdoor AP

    Weatherproof for care-free deployment

Seamlessly Integrated into Omada SDN

Control every aspect of your network and access points remotely via the free Omada SDN.

Easy and Intelligent Network Monitoring

Network Status Report

Check the Traffic Distribution

Network Topology at a Glance

Comprehensive Security Features


Abundant Security Functions

A robust firewall and advanced security functions further protect the network and data.


    High-Security VPN


    Powerful Firewall


    IP/MAC/URL Filtering


    Access Control


    Advanced WPA3 Encryption


    Captive Portal



Hardware, Software, and Cloud-based Management Options

Omada Cloud-Based Controller
No any additional hardware controller investment and installation on customer premises

Omada Software Controller
On-premises controller with no charging for hardware

Omada Hardware Controller
On-premises controller with no need to run a PC/server

Unified Management from One Interface

Access Points

No additional training needed

Unlimited scalability

Batch management

Devices still work even when not connected to the Cloud


Remote reset, diagnostics, and firmware updates

Learn more about Omada SDN >>

Ceiling Mount AP

Wi-Fi 6 AP for High-Density Environments


Wall Plate AP

Outdoor AP

JetStream PoE Switches

SafeStream Security Gateway

Omada Cloud-Based Controller

Cloud Access

Hassle-Free Centralized Cloud Management:

100% centralized cloud management of whole network from different sites—all controlled from a single interface anywhere, anytime.


Omada VPN Router

Web Browser

Omada App

Omada Hardware Controller


Omada Software Controller

Unbeatable Value, Vertically Integrated Manufacturing and R&D

TP-Link Omada offers top-tier hardware performance for unbelievably low prices. With complete ownership over our manufacturing and heavy R&D investments, TP-Link is able to ship the best products at unbeatable prices.


    Vertically Integrated Manufacturing


    World-Class R&D


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

Secure Guest Networks and WPA3 Enterprise Security

Protect your users, data, and network from external threats


    Secure Guest Network

    Guest network access provides enhanced security to guests. Different SSIDs also enable flexible access management.


    Guest Network with Facebook Wi-Fi and SMS Login

    Captive portal (including SMS, Facebook WiFi, Voucher) and 802.1x authentication help maintain authorized guests to use the network. Boost your business with a customized marketing page.


    WPA3 for Worry-Free Open Public Networks

    With advanced enterprise security, WPA3 provides strengthened data security for previously unsecured and open WiFi hotspots.

Super Easy Installation with No Special Training

Skip the complex installation and on-site technicians, all EAP access points can be installed within minutes without specialized training.

  • Pole Mounting

    Wall Mounting

Environment Ceiling Mount Access Points

Omada EAP-Series WiFi 6 Ceiling Mounts

  • - Over 1000+ connected devices for max density environments
  • - PoE powered for flexible deployment
  • - Up to 2.5 Gbps speeds and sleek aesthetic design

    EAP660 HD

    AX3600 Wireless Dual Band Multi-Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point


    EAP620 HD

    AX1800 Wireless Dual Band Ceiling Mount Access Point



    AX1800 Wireless Dual Band Ceiling Mount Access Point

Wall-Mounted for Corner-to-Corner Room Coverage

Omada AX1800 Wall Plate WiFi 6 Access Point, EAP615-Wall

  • - PoE powered for flexible deployment
  • - Lightning-fast speeds up to 1.8 Gbps
  • - Four Gigabit ports with one PoE pass-through to power an additional IP device

Outdoor Wi-Fi Coverage with Weatherproof AP

Omada AX1800 Indoor/Outdoor WiFi 6 Access Point, EAP610-Outdoor

  • - Truly weatherproof IP67 Rating, 6KV lightning protection, and 15KV ESD protection
  • - Lightning-fast speeds up to 1.8 Gbps
  • - Long-range coverage with dedicated high-power amplifier
  • - PoE powered for flexible deployment


    AX1800 Indoor/Outdoor WiFi 6 Access Point