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    TP-Link HomeCare Pro

HomeCare Pro Let the Expert Secure Your Home

Customize your home network with enhanced security using a kit of features built in TP-Link HomeCare™ Pro. Whether protecting your sensitive data or limiting the access of kids and guests, HomeCare™ Pro provides you the tools you need to fully manage your network.


    Real-Time IoT Protection


    Powerful Antivirus


    Robust Parental Controls


    Comprehensive Reports

Care About All Your Concerns


    Private Info Leakage


    Cyber Virus Intrusion


    Teenager Internet Addiction


    IoT Devices Attacks

Real-Time IoT Protection

TP-Link HomeCare™ Pro identifies IoT devices and immediately begins monitoring their security performance once they join the network. With a firewall, HomeCare™ Pro blocks unauthorized access, encrypts your data, and protects against cyber threats and attacks.

  • Identify IoT Devices
  • Security Scanning for IoT
  • IoT Antivirus

Powerful Antivirus,
100% Safeguard


    Malicious Site Blocker


    Intrusion Prevention System


    End Devices Protection


    When new malicious URLs go live, HomeCare™ Pro blocks them within 15 minutes, protecting you and your family by automatically preventing access.


    Identifies then blocks potential threats and fixes network vulnerabilities. HomeCare™ Pro protects your Wi-Fi devices from more than 100,000 new threats each day.


    All your home network connected devices, such as phones, laptops, and smart home devices will be fully protected from any cyber threat or attack with TP-Link HomeCare™ Pro.


Robust Parental Controls

  • User Profiles by Age

    Easily set a profile for each family member based on age and set custom time limits and online time allowances. Assign devices to profiles so rules extend to individual devices as well as family members.

  • Content Filter

    Keep your family safe online with one-touch security settings that block content based on age-appropriateness.

  • Time Limits

    Set limits on how much time each person in your family can spend online.

  • Records & Statistics

    With Insights and reports, you can check out which sites your children visit and how much time they spend on each. It’s a great way to know your children are safe while they’re having fun online.

Comprehensive Reports

HomeCare™ Pro constantly monitors your home network security and performance, generates weekly and monthly reports, and gives you Wi-Fi safety advice. Gain insight and better control of your home network, and stay protected with TP-Link HomeCare™ Pro.

Internet Use Overview

Get a complete understanding of your home network security and your family's online behavior

Online Time Analysis

Have a clear picture of how much time each family member spends online and receive browsing advice from HomeCare™ Pro

Visited URLs Analysis

Discover which websites your family members visit and the malicious ones blocked by HomeCare™ Pro

Network Security Statistics

Check the results of the scans and preventions against any potential cyber threats or attacks for your home network

End Device Statistics

Check for newly connected devices and closely monitor security performance

Customizable Quality of Service

With QoS, you can assign bandwidth to the devices you use most, keeping them running their best. Simple controls let you prioritize bandwidth for streaming, gaming, surfing or video chatting.

Device Priority

Choose which devices always have the fastest connections, or set a schedule to assign device priority for different times of the day.


Compete Comparison——HomeCare

  HomeCare™ HomeCare™ Limited HomeCare™ Pro
Network Security Scan -
IoT Device Identification -
IoT Device Security - -
Malicious Content Filtering -
DDoS Protection - -
Port Intrusion Prevention -
Infected Device Quarantine - -
Security Reminder and Diary -
User Profiles Up to 16 family members 2 family members Up to 16 family members
Time Limits
Professional Time Limits - -
Content Limits-Blacklist
Content Limits-Professional Filter Library -
Insight 7 days 7 days 30 days
Reward Time Duration - -
Pause the Internet
Device Priority
Device Type Statistics - -
Weekly/Monthly Report Basic Basic Advanced
Monthly subscriptions $2.99 Free $5.99
Yearly subscriptions $25.99 Free $54.99
Features vary based on models.
Some features may require software updates or subscription.
§ Protection services are powered by Trend Micro, Avira.
We reserve the right without liability to you to modify or discontinue the app and /or the services without notice.

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