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Surprise! Your Smart Light Switches Free Your Hands — Smart Control with Motion & Ambient Light Sensors

By TP-Link Editorial Group

                                           Smart Control with Motion & Ambient Light Sensors


You have no idea what an easy life you are leading until you own a truly intelligent device that does the right things for you at the right time without you even bothering to ask.

A general smart light switch allows you to control remotely, set schedules to turn on or off at set times, even turn on to a specific brightness, all in an app. Is that satisfactory for you? 

You deserve better. Integrated smart switches with sensors can relay more than just on/off or dimming functionality. It detects motion and lighting conditions, which leads to further feature add-ons.

Take, for example, Kasa smart light switch with built-in motion and ambient light sensors. The switch is so much more intelligent that it does things intuitively, just as you will. As the name suggests, the motion sensor detects motion, and the ambient light sensor senses ambiance. They combined trigger your light on only when movement is seen in the dark. All you need is a few Smart Control rules. It may take real examples to have a glimpse of what Smart Control can do for you.


Smart Control Rule 1: Light Your Morning, Light Your Day

Before getting up, your little movement wakes up your light switch. The light fades on, replicating the rising sun to match the circadian rhythm. You get up, based in tender light, feeling fresh after a night’s rest. When you leave, your switch senses your departure and turns off the light in a while. And don’t worry your cat runs here and there triggering the light on in the daytime, or you leave your cat helplessly when a cloudy day darkens the room. The ambient light sensor makes sure your light is only on when it is dark. And it’s you who decides the ambiance threshold.


Smart Control Rule 2: Navigate Through a Dark Hallway


To have lights guide you through the dark hallway, you have two easy solutions. One is getting two switches at opposite sides. The other is more intelligent with Kasa smart light switch. Your coming steps turn the light on automatically, lightening your way through. Just go passing by. The motion sensor will see to it that the light is off when it senses no motion. If you turn the switch off manually, the switch allows several minutes’ buffer time before the motion sensor will activate to give you time to step away.


Unlock the full power of Smart Control. Enjoy understanding light that works perfectly with your daily routine.





TP-Link Editorial Group