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TP-Link’s New VIGI Security Cameras Protects 806 Years of UK History

By alef.yang

Magna Carta means 'The Great Charter', which is one of the most important documents in UK history. It established the principle that everyone is subject to the law, even the King, and guarantees the rights of individuals, the right to justice and the right to a fair trial. Signed by King John at Runnymede, on the River Thames near Windsor on 15th June 1215, this year marks its 806th anniversary. Steeped in history, Magna Carta Island sits in the river opposite the Runnymede Meadow, where, according to historians, the rebellious barons camped ahead of the deal.


With so much history to protect, it’s no surprise that this prestigious site of UK history needs a reliable and feature-rich security system to watch over it at all times. That’s why the site’s owners will be installing state of the art cloud-managed business-class wireless networks from the TP-Link Omada range. In the main house, home to the unique document, VIGI cameras will be installed as part of the security precautions to ensure the documents' safety for future generations.


VIGI marks TP-Link’s first step into the world of security solutions. This range has been carefully designed to meet the diverse demands for security and privacy protection - from large heritage sites to office blocks and beyond.


Our range of cameras delivers high-resolution video footage so you never have to miss a detail. Area Intrusion features set customised activity zones around key areas for more focused monitoring. Meanwhile, Night Vision ensures the camera performs well in low light conditions and records what’s happening for future inspection. Feeds can be monitored in real-time and smart motion detection sends you notifications and allows you to check feeds when someone crosses a boundary, enters an area you’ve set, or obstructs the camera. It’s features like these that make our VIGI high-performance cameras and Omada cloud-managed range the perfect partners to provide surveillance day and night.


“It is important to engage with the wider community and Magna Carta Island is a perfect example of ways TP-Link can use its complete range of technology to support and preserve sites of national historic interest for future generations,” comments Will Liu, Managing Director, TP-Link UK Ltd.


For more information, please visit: https://www.tp-link.com/uk/business-networking/vigi-network-camera/


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