Omada Discovery Utility 5.1.1

發佈日期: 2023-12-26 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 40.06 MB
作業系統: Windows/Mac OS/Linux

1. 加強Omada設備新型號的相容性。 

1. 若要執行此軟體,您需要先在電腦上安裝 JRE 8.0。
2. 在MacOS上雙擊軟體或執行指令 "java -jar **.jar"(**.jar 為此軟體的名稱)。
3. Omada 控制器和 Discover Utility 不可同時在同一台電腦上運行。

Omada Discovery Utility 5.0.8

發佈日期: 2021-12-29 語言: 英語 檔案大小: 44.31 MB
作業系統: Win2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Mac/Linux

New Feature/Enhancement:

1. Adapt to Omada SDN Controller v5.0, support new device protocol and new inform url format


Bug fixed:

1. Upgrade log4j version to 2.16.0 to avoid remote code execution vulnerability in Apache log4j2.

2. Fixed the bug that the actual issued IP address is inconsistent with the configuration.

3. Fixed the bug that batch IP is issued to multiple devices continuously, but not all of them are actually issued.

4. Fixed the bug that when a port conflict is detected, the prompt message is not centered and the display is incomplete.



1. Omada CBC v5 must use this version of Omada Discovery Utility due to the change of the inform url format.

2. Double click the software or run the command "java -jar **.jar" to run the software on MacOS (**.jar is the name of this software).

3. To run this software, you need to install JRE 8.0 on your PC first.

4. Omada Controller and Discover Utility cannot run on the same computer at the same time.


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