How to Configure my TP- LINK Range Extender on MAC(For TL-WA830RE V1 and TL-WA730RE V2)

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* The Range extender's resource CD cannot be used on MAC computers, but Mac users can use Safari to install the Range Extender through its built-in web interface according to the below instruction. The installation relates a lot to your existing wireless modem/router and computer's network settings, therefore, it would possibly take a longer time than setting up a normal modem/router. If you fail to setup the Range Extender finally after followed the below instruction, please contact our technical support and tell us at which step you were stopped. We sincerely appreciate your patience and time.
Note:If you have TL-WA830RE V2,please refer to this link for guidance.If you have TL-WA730RE V1,please refer to this link for guidance.
TL-WA830RE V1 and TL-WA730RE V2 both have the default IP Address of this article,we will take TL-WA830RE V1 as example.
Part 1: Collecting information of Root Router
Before configuring the TL-WA830RE to make it successfully join to the router's wireless network, please confirm below information of your root router:
1. What's the router's LAN IP address?
----In this article, we take for example.
2. What's the router's SSID (Wireless Network Name)?
----In this article, we take 2WIRE_TEST for example.
3. What's the router's security type (Encryption Type)?
----In this article, we take WPA2-PSK with AES for example.
4. What's the router's Security Key/Password?
----In this article, we take testtplink for example.
* If you are not sure about the above information of your router, please DO contact the router's vendor to confirm that important information and then continue with the below setup procedures.
Part 2: Assigning a static IP address on MAC computer
Step 1
Please Connect the MAC computer to the Range Extender's LAN port with theEthernet cable in the package. Then click the Applemenu and select System Preferences. When the System Preferences screen appears, please find Network and click it.
Step 2
In the Network panel, please select Ethernet, then go for Configure IPv4, and select "Manually", fill in the parameters like below, and click Apply:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Part 3: Configuration on Range Extender
Step 1
Please Open Safari, type (the default IP of TL-WA830RE) into the address bar and press enter, put in the default username and password "admin", then click Log In.
Step 2
Please go to Wireless->Wireless Settings, Select Range Extender as the Operation Mode. Then click Survey/Searchbutton. It will display all visible wireless signals around your location. Please find the SSID (wireless network name) of your root router and click on Connect, then Save it.
All visible signals:
Step 3
Please go to Wireless -> Wireless Security page. According to Part 1 of this article, we have supposed the router's security type to be WPA2-PSK with AES,so here we do the same settings on the TL-WA830RE like below, and input the same password "testtplink" into the PSK Password field, then click Save.
Step 4
Click Network in the left menu of the management page, and change the IP address according to the below instructions:
A: If your root router's LAN IP address is, please change the TL-WA830RE's IP address to like belowto avoid IP Conflict, then save the settings, wait a minute until the TL-WA830RE finishes rebooting.
B: If your root router's LAN IP address is192.168.1.X(X ranges from 1-254), please change theTL-WA830RE's IP address to 192.168.1.Y like below, then save the settings.
Step 5
Please go to System Tools-> Reboot page, click on Reboot button to restart this range extender. About 1 minute later, the Range Extender work properly with the Root Router.
Step 6
So far we have finished all configurations on the range extender. Please go back to MAC computer's Apple menu->System Preferences->Network ->Ethernet, change Configure IPv4 back to Using DHCP as it was before, then click Apply.
After that, please check whether you can access Internet. If YES, please unplug the Ethernet cable, turn on the Wi-Fi (Airport) of the MAC computer and check whether or not you can get a better wireless signal and access to Internet wirelessly.

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