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Q1. What's the meaning of the RGB light strip(Tapo L900) and RGB-IC light strip (Tapo L920)?

A: RGB means the Red, Green, and Blue LED bulbs. So RGB means this bulb or strip can provide colorful light.

IC is short for the Integrated Circuit. With IC chips on the strip, the user can control each section of the light strip separately.

Compared with RGB light strips, RGBIC light strips support setting different color zones and can provide more beautiful lighting effects.

Q2. Are the L900-5 and L920-5 waterproof?

A: The L900 is NOT water-resistant;

For the Tapo L920, only the light strip part supports IP44 which can be mounted in humid environment.

Please note that both of them are not suitable for outdoor use.

Q3. For the Tapo L920, what is the minimum segment length that can be controlled separately?

A: Tapo L920-5 supports 50 separate color zones, so the minimum length is 10cm for each part which consists of 3 LEDs.

Q4. Can I cut the excess length of the light strip?

A: Yes, you can cut the light strip at specific points with the scissor icon. But once it was cut, it can not be re-attached.

Note: Modification of any kind to the light strip will result in a voided warranty.

Q5. How much lumens can Tapo L900-5 and Tapo L920-5 provide?

A: L900-5 can provide 400lm, L920-5 can provide 550lm.

Note: This value is just for reference since the L900 and L920 don't have white LED for relevant certification.

Q6. What's the value of CRI and color temperature for the L900/L920?

A: Since the L900 and L920 don't have the white LED, so there is no such value for certification.

Q7. What is the energy efficiency rating for Tapo L900-5 and for Tapo L920-5?

A: ERP certification is not mandatory for light strips without white LED. There are only RGB LEDs on L900 and L920, and the light efficiency of RGB LED is so low that it cannot meet the efficiency requirements of ERP. This is the case with similar products on the market.

Q8. Why my Tapo L900/KL400's LED looks brighter after part of it was cut?

A: This is a normal phenomenon for the light strips.

After you cut part of the light strip, the load of the device will be lower than the status before you cut it. Which means there are fewer LED in the light strips. So for each LED bulb, it may get a little bit more current. So the LEDs will look brighter than before. As far as customer cut it right, this will not damage the light strip.

Q9. How many LED bulbs are in the 5 meters light strip?

A: There are 30 small LEDs every meter. So if your light strip is Tapo L900-5 or Tapo L920-5 which is 5 meters long, there will be 150 small LEDs ( 5x30=150).

Sync-to-Sound feature】

Q1. The working mechanism of the ‘Sync-to-Sound’.

A: The APP will collect the sound in the environment with the microphone in the smartphone. Then the APP will transform the sound to control signal and control the strip to change lighting effect.

Q2. The light strips blink all the time even there is no sound, is it abnormal?

A: This is normal. The light strip will play a regular loop when 'Sync-to-Sound' is enabled. After any sound is detected, it will change the color and rhythm accordingly.

By the way, the light strip is more sensitive for strong and hard-beating music.

Q3. Can I close the APP or leave it run in the background of the phone while ‘Sync-to-Sound’ is playing?

A: No. The 'Sync-to-Sound' will STOP working when APP is closed or in the background. Because the smartphone will stop the APP from using the microphone when it running in the background. Thus, you need to keep the APP running when using Sync-to-Sound.

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