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What’s the Smart Actions feature in the Deco app?

The Smart Actions feature aims to make the Deco network more intelligent and automated. It consists of two functions: Shortcut and Automation.

With the Shortcut function, you can batch adjust the settings of devices connected to the Deco network with a simple tap in the Deco app. For example, turn on all the Kasa smart plugs in the living room or prioritize TVs when streaming.

With the Automation function, you can create interaction among devices connected to the Deco network and let it run automatically. For example, you can create a chain between your phone and the Kasa smart light that the light should turn off once your phone disconnects from the Wi-Fi network when you’re leaving home.

Please refer to Shortcut or Automation if you want to know more detailed setup instructions.

Which Deco model supports the Smart Actions feature?

Several Deco models support the Smart Actions feature, and some other models will support this feature via firmware updates in the future.


1. Please ensure that you’re using the latest firmware on your Deco system.

2. When different deco models work together, if the main deco supports the Smart Actions feature, you can use this feature with these deco units.



Coming Soon

AC Series

Deco M5, Deco M1300, Deco P7, Deco M9Plus.

AX Series

Deco W3600, Deco X20, Deco X25, Deco X60,Deco X68 V2, Deco X4300 Pro V1

Deco X5700, Deco X90, Deco 50, Deco X55, Deco W6000, Deco W3600

Deco X3600, Deco X68 V1, Deco W7200

What smart devices support working with the Deco Smart Actions feature?

Most TP-Link smart devices and Philips Hue bulbs are supported. For more detailed models, please refer to Compatibility List.

Note: There are some ZigBee and Bluetooth devices in the compatibility list. These devices only support working with Deco M9 Plus since only Deco M9 Plus supports ZigBee and Bluetooth.

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