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For detailed information about the Tapo Care service, please refer to Tapo Care Service.

Tapo Care Overview

Q1, What's Tapo Care?

For Tapo Cameras, the Tapo Care service provides cloud storage, AI detection, rich notifications with snapshots, and other services. With the Tapo Care service, regardless of camera state, all detected events are recorded and a brief clip is saved to the cloud for 30 days for you to access at your leisure via Tapo APP.

The following are the differences after subscribing to Tapo Care:

Without Tapo Care

With Tapo Care

Live view



Instant notifications



Two-Way audio



Activity zones



Local storage



Motion detection



30-day Cloud video clip history


Rich notifications with snapshots


AI detection**


Motion tracking


Privacy zones


Q2, What's the difference between the Basic and the Premium Tapo Care plan?

The key difference is that the basic plan allows you to add only 1-3 cameras, but the premium plan allows you to add up to 10 cameras.

Before subscribing to Tapo Care

Q3, How to subscribe to Tapo Care.

To learn how to subscribe to the Tapo Care plan, please click here.

Q4, When the free trial of Tapo Care expires, will the camera automatically subscribe?

No, when the free service expires, it will be automatically canceled and you will not be charged. The Tapo Care subscription will begin only after you confirm on the app.

Q5, Can I cancel the Tapo Care Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel the trial at any time during the trial period. After cancellation, the trial of the model cannot be resumed.

To get more details about Tapo Care Free Trial, please click here.

Q6, Is an SD card required to use Tapo Care?

No, Tapo Care doesn’t require to work with an SD card. All the important moments will be saved in the cloud for 30 days.

Q7, If I have more than 1 Tapo camera, do I need to subscribe to Tapo Care for each of them?

No, you don’t. Tapo Care provides Basic and Premium plans to allow to add of multiple cameras into one Tapo Care plan.

For the Basic Plan, you can add 1-3 cameras.

For the Premium plan, you can add up to 10 cameras.

Q8, Can I get a refund after purchasing Tapo Care?

If Tapo Care is actively canceled or terminated during the validity period, the subscription fee will not be refunded during the period. If you are a continuous subscription member, you can unsubscribe to Tapo Care and there will be no charge after your current billing cycle ends.

Click here to get more details.

Q9, Can an Apple ID/Google ID subscribe to more than one Tapo Care plan for a device?

No, one Apple ID / Google ID can only subscribe to one Tapo Care plan. If you need to subscribe to more Premium plans, please visit

Q10, If I already have Tapo Care plan which hasn’t expired, can I buy additional service? If so, when will the service begin and end?

Yes, the service will start as soon as you subscribe to the additional Tapo Care plan and last for 1 month or 1 year depending on the plan you choose from the day you subscribe to this Tapo Care plan.

After subscribing to Tapo Care

Q11, How do I confirm that my Tapo Care has been subscribed successfully?

After paying for the service, launch the TP-Link Tapo app, go to the LiveView page, and you can see that the Cloud Videos section is available. Also, you can go to the Camera Settings page to enable Tapo Care premium features, such as Rich Notifications.

Q12, What can I do if the Tapo camera doesn't upload videos to cloud after Tapo Care is activated?

  • Click here to check whether the motion detection setting of the camera is activated.
  • Click here to check whether the camera has been added to the subscription through the following path: Me > Tapo Care >Select camera.
  • Click here to confirm if the signal strength of the camera is strong enough. If videos still can’t be uploaded normally at reduced resolution, partial video loss or discontinuity may occur. To ensure the camera can upload videos to the cloud normally, we also recommend not connecting too many devices to the home network at once.

If there is still no cloud recording, please contact TP-Link technical support.

Q13, How can I turn off auto-renewal for Tapo Care?

  • For Apple Pay: Turn off in iCloud payments. The path is: Settings > iTunes Store and App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Account Settings > Subscription.
  • For Google Pay: Turn off in Google Play's payment function. The path is: Play Store > Sidebar > Subscription.
  • For PayPal or Credit Card: Visit, log in with your TP-Link ID, and cancel the subscription.

Note: If you use a Credit card as a payment method, you may be charged a foreign exchange fee by your credit card company when the charge currency differs from your credit card currency. TP-Link is not responsible for these additional charges.

Q14, When the Tapo APP is not running, can the Tapo camera continue to save recordings to the cloud server?

Yes, the settings are saved to the camera itself and the camera can still detect and record according to your settings as long as the Tapo camera has a stable network connection.

Q15, How long will the camera record when using Tapo Care?

The maximum length of each clip is 3 minutes.

The length of the video clips is related to how long the objects in the video are moving. If no moving object is detected, the camera will stop recording.

Q16, Can I still access the videos stored in the cloud via Tapo APP after the Tapo Care plan has expired?

Yes, as long as the videos stored in the cloud are not been saved for more than 30 days, you can watch them normally at any time.

Q17, If my camera is broken or stolen, how can I access my cloud videos?

Log into Tapo APP with your TP-Link ID, go to Me > Cloud Videos, you will be able to access your cloud videos which are not been saved for more than 30 days.

Q18, How can I download or delete recorded videos from Cloud?

You can delete and download through Me > Cloud Videos. You can remove several videos by long-pressing one of the cloud videos. When you open the videos, you'll see a download button. Currently, downloaded videos are only viewable from LiveView > Playback&Memory > Memory of Tapo APP.

Q19, How can I check the validity period of my Tapo Care?

Your Tapo Care will automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle unless you choose to cancel the subscription. After cancellation of Tapo Care, please check your current validity period in Me > Tapo Care of the Tapo app.

Q20, Can I transfer my Tapo Care subscription to another Tapo device?

Yes, open the TP-Link Tapo app, go to Me > Tapo Care, and tap on Select Camera on the subscription card to switch to another device.

Q21, Can I transfer Tapo Care subscription to another TP-Link ID?

No, since Tapo Care is simultaneously bound to your TP-Link ID and cameras, if you unbind and rebind your cameras to a different TP-Link ID, the Tapo Care service and cloud videos will not transfer. You'll have to subscribe to Tapo Care again with the new account.

Q22, How can I upgrade from a Basic Tapo Care plan to a Premium Tapo Care plan if I already have one?

Select the premium plan from the Tapo APP/Tapo Care website and click Upgrade now. The original subscription price will be returned in various formats depending on which Tapo Care channels you subscribed to.

Q23, Does Tapo Care support 24 hours continuous recording?

No, but you can enable 24 hours continuous recording with SD card or NAS.

Click here to get more details.

To get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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