How to avoid IP address conflicts in a surveillance system

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An IP address conflict occurs when two or more devices on the same network are assigned the same IP address. In the surveillance system, IP address conflicts may cause many problems such as the failure of camera addition, frequent dropouts of the camera, unstable live view, and so on. Therefore, we should make sure there is no IP address conflicts in the network to ensure a stable surveillance system. This article tells you how to avoid IP address conflicts.

Common IP conflicts in a surveillance system

  • IP address conflicts between IP cameras

In a surveillance system, if two IP cameras have the same IP address, the live streaming source of one channel will switch between the two cameras.


  • IP address conflicts between IP cameras/NVR and other clients such as computer

In this situation, the monitoring screen sometimes will show ‘no network video’.

How to avoid IP address conflicts?

If you find the similar phenomenon above, you need to check whether there is IP address conflict.

  • IP address conflicts between VIGI NVR and other clients

VIGI NVR can detect the IP conflict between NVR and other devices in local network. When it is detected, you will get a prompt. You need to go to the Settings > Network > Connection to change the IP address. Or you can find the device that has an IP conflict with NVR and change its IP.


  • IP address conflicts between multiple VIGI cameras or between VIGI camera and other clients.

When you first add VIGI cameras via VIGI NVR, VIGI security manager or VIGI App, they will automatically set unused static IP addresses for them. But if IP address conflicts occur after VIGI cameras are added, you need to change the IP address of devices with IP address conflicts.

You can refer to the link to change the IP address of VIGI cameras.

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