Why cannot I log in to the web management page of the CPE?

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After installing CPE, sometimes you may encounter the problem that can’t log in the web management page to configure CPE. There are many different reasons may cause this issue. We have listed four common reasons as below:

1.    Topology hardware connection problem

2.    IP address of CPE and IP address of PC are not in the same subnet

3.    Special Firewall or anti-virus software blocks Web Pages

4.    Other browser problem on your PC

According to the above reasons, we made some simple steps. You can refer to these steps to troubleshoot.


1. Topology hardware connection problem

Please confirm the topology among CPE, PC and PoE Adapter. The correct topology is shown in the figure:


      I.        LAN0 port attaches to POE port of POE Adapter

    II.        PC attaches to LAN port of POE Adapter

   III.        POE Adapter attaches to power outlet

If the topology is connected correctly, then CPE can be powered up normally.

For detailed installation steps, you can refer to the following page, please click Setup Video to watch the installation steps.



2. IP address of CPE and IP address of PC are not in the same subnet

You need configure IP address of PC and CPE in the same subnet.

For IP address of PC

Due to the IP address of CPE is in the default factory setting. So the IP address of PC should be configure as 192.168.0.X(X is 2-253). You can refer to FAQ710 to set up the PC’s static IP.



For IP address of CPE

The default IP address of CPE is If you have configured the static IP address for PC, you can test the connection between PC and CPE via Ping command.

If you don’t know how to ping on PC, please refer to this FAQ.



3. Firewall or anti-virus software on your PC

Sometimes, some special firewall or anti-virus software may block our login page. The browser may show you that your Internet access is blocked.

So when your browser shows you such warning, you may try to disable anti-virus software and check the firewall rules on your PC, and then enter in the browser to login to the web management page again.


4. Browser problem on your PC

If you have completed the above steps, you have built the correct topology, and PC also can ping, but you still can’t log in the management page of CPE. Then we suggest that you can follow the following steps.

We suggest that you could change browser, clear cache and enable privacy mode.

The browser has a privacy window mode. In privacy mode, the browser are not affected by caches and cookies when we are browsing the web, you can try to log in to CPE by privacy window mode.

Let's take Firefox and Chrome as examples.




If the above steps can’t help you log in the management page, you can reset your CPE, and repeat the above steps. If CPE still has the same problem, you can contact our technical support. We will help you.


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